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Shala Harman-Francis

Spoiler Alerts lurking inside...

Sailor Moon Crystal has been going strong for almost a year. They have defeated the Queen and skipped several story lines to move on to Chibi-Usa and the Dark Moon. After watching episode 25 I was at a loss for words. The story line flows at a better pace and is easier to follow than the original show.

The story line in the old shows was cute and adorable. The episodes were short and sweet with an easy wrap up at the end, but the seasons were stuffed with filler and it made the show unbearable at times. Sailor Moon Crystal's story line is clearer and has more direction. The lack of filler brings a new light to the characters and shows the darks sides to the characters.

It also shows the love story of Usagi and Mamo-Chan in a different light. Instead of being such a childish romance it is blossoming courtship. He is her knight and he is willing to do anything for her. He lends his power to her and shows her he is there for her. I like how they have really integrated the plot that Chibi-Usa could come between them.

I think that I give Sailor Moon Crystal a 7 out of 10 so far. It has improved on the old show while staying true to the manga.

Let me know what you have thought of the season up until now.


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