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The CBI Retro-Review

Wonder Woman #304

"Polaris means peril!"

Writer: Dan Mishkin

Penciler: Gene Colan

Inker: Frank McLaughlin

Letterer: Ben Oda

Colorist: Carl Gafford

Wonder Woman must make some choices in this issue. First she has to decide who to help first, save her beloved Colonel Steve Trevor, or Major Keith Griggs. Then she has to decide whether or not to enlist the help of Green Lantern when Dr. Polaris throws the gauntlet down by threatening to magnetically turn the Earth sideways off it axis.

This was a pretty action packed story created by legends Dan Mishkin and Gene Colon with sharp lines by Frank Mclaughlin and beautiful colors by Carl Gafford. From page 1 you have life and death happening with the ultimate goal is world destruction. This was fantastic, especially on the heels or rumor news that Chris Pine may play Green Lantern or Steve Trevor. How this is important? You'll have to read to find out!

The Huntress

"Last Rites"

Writer: Joey Cavalieri

Penciler: Mike DeCarlo

Inker: Pablo Marcos

Letterer: Andrews

Colorist: Tollin

The Huntress is in a bind...and in a crematorium. She has only seconds before death is at her heels...literally.

This is a fantastic huntress short story by legends Joey Cavaliers and Mike DeCarlo (my personal legend, his work got me into comics). This tale was full of suspense and action. I can't wait to read the next installment!

Rating: 5/5


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