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The apocalypse is now. To survive I need fresh water a vehicle, some supplies and guns. Lots of guns. These guys are my dream team for surviving in this harsh world.

  • Percy Jackson

This guy is my number one pick. As the son of Poseidon he can control/summon water. He has an airy but serious personality and he is a natural leader and he is great at stating the obvious

Thank u captain obvious
Thank u captain obvious

All set aside, this guy is pretty mean with a sword and he can also heal himself with water. He can also call his 'pet' pegasus Blackjack to aid him. 'nuff said

  • Punisher(Marvel)

This marvel anti-hero is completely bad-ass not to mention the fact that his black van(vehicle!) is chock full of dangerous surprises (namely weapons!). A deadly marksman and proficient with a number of weapons, this guy is our watchman, always on the lookout. An avid survivalist he is the one to stick with if you want to survive your first night in hell.

Oh and not to mention the fact that he has killed the whole marvel universe(spinoff).

Imagine if you were a zombie now....
Imagine if you were a zombie now....
  • Deadpool (Marvel)

Our team would have never been completed without our favourite merc-with-a-mouth. Although deranged and prone to go off topic...

...either way, deadpool is a must have to lighten up the mood when things go bad. After all, the Apocalypse isn't all fun and games. Deadpool himself has some experience with an apocalypse


Let's face it Deadpool has some sick moves as well not to mention the fact he is as good as Punisher if not better when it comes to weapons. Oh and he also has a regenerative healing factor. This guy has also killed off the marvel universe so this is a piece of cake to him(another spin off lol)




Who do u think will survive the apocalypse?


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