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John Collins

On June 22, it was announced that our favorite NBC series Hannibal was officially cancelled after only three seasons. Immediately after the announcement executive producer Bryan Fuller expressed hope in continuing the series elsewhere, stating that another network could possibly save the critically acclaimed drama.

Unfortunately, Netflix and Amazon have both passed on providing a new home for the show. There is some good news though, Fuller obviously doesn't want to throw in the towel quite yet. In fact he explains he's investigating other possibilities, stating:

I'm thinking Hulu or Crackle could be the next streaming services offered to continue the series, but I'm doubtful they'll take on such an extreme show.

Who knows if we'll get a fourth season. If you already didn't know Hannibal will finish its third season, airing Thursday nights at 9:00pm through August 27 on NBC. So lets enjoy the third season considering it could very well be the last time we see Hannibal.


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