ByAlex Zinkewich, writer at

Shia Labeuf started the Transformers franchise, made it even possible to continue on as it has when he and his father went to Uncle Bobby B's and bought his first car (Bumblebee). It then extended on by having him going to college and then the mighty battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons in Chicago. Parting from the franchise after the third installment, it brought in new characters such as Mark Whalberg who was known as Kade Yagr. I think that Shia Labeuf brought a sense of enjoyment to the movie making as it seemed that he was actually in the moment (As if it were actually happening) he could play the part of Sam Widwicky perfectly. Although as a young actor, starring in everyone's favorite "Holes" and the television series, "Even Stevens" I believe his name wasn't "completely known" until after the installment of the Transformers series. Shia Labeuf needs to return to star in Transformers 5 to launch the movie into the stars. He is a great actor and always will be. What he is doing with his life now is his choice, the way he is living it, but I think that it is just absurd.


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