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Nightwing is a fantastic character who deserves to be at least considered for the focus of Rocksteady Studios next project. Here are 5 reasons why.

[Batman: Arkham Knight](tag:2683936) spin-off

Now not long ago I wrote an article on why Red Hood could have his own spin off to Arkham. After the events of Arkham Knight, Nightwing can be pretty much the head of the Bat Family.


Nightwing's arsenal is very similar to that of Bruce Wayne. So who's to say that in the potential game he gets some of it and when Lucius Fox upgrades it all, it becomes Dick's to use.


Dick Grayson has made a lot of enemies of his own and even fought some of Batman's alone such as Killer Croc. Bane and Mister Freeze also. However, there is also Slade Wilson, the cold-blooded gun-for-hire. With enemies like these there is no shortage to choose from.


The story would be a great spectacle. With Batman gone, so have the supervillains, however some still remain, all wanting Blüdhaven and Gotham to start their criminal empire. An unknown employer want Nightwing dead, the biggest threat to his plans. Employing Deathstroke with an entire army, its down to Nightwing to save the cities, and potentially the world.


With many allies who could help him through the story, the most obvious one would be Jason Todd, aka Red Hood. With Tim Drake (Robin) and Barbara Gordon (Oracle) getting married the likelihood is they stopped their crime fighting exploits. With Batman "dead" maybe Bruce Wayne (if he faked his death) could remotely help him with Intel alongside the ever-loyal Alfred. With the lethal Red Hood, the military like intelligence of Bruce Wayne and the loyalty of Alfred, Grayson could have some fantastic allies.

These are my five reasons why Nightwing could have a video game.


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