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The year is 2134. Man kind is fighting for survival. The cruel dirt lords control the earth. The entire environment is against us. With strength and willpower, me and my gang have managed to survive untill now and I am sure we will still go a long way. We also run some avenging for the poor, hence called the Sand Avengers.

I had some basic training on the animus, with a decent bleeding effect and eagle vision. I have managed to forge hidden blade, Sicilian rapiers , smoke bombs and stuff. I am already an assassin. But what makes me complete is my gang.

1. Logan

Thats right wolverine is with me. Kids around a hundred years ago may have gone for Deadpool or Apocalypse but to tell the truth the only man standing even after all this mess is Logan. His temper and adamantium claws are as good as new. Usually we do all the talking. But when it is not enough his blades do the talk. His animal instincts have saved us from a lot of trouble. I can sense the danger when it is within my line of sight but he can smell trouble a mile away.

2. Katniss Everdeen

She is the soul of our team. She is most sensible and with her we expect to live across this apocalypse till things get a little better. Even I cant use my throwing knife with the precision of her arrows. Actually she decides which matter to engage, where to go, what to eat etc. and so far it has always worked out.

3. Aang

The only reason we are still alive is him. He can bend earth and air so that we are saved from the sand storms (me and Katniss. Logan does not care about sand storms unless it blows at a thousand degree). The cold nights are turned warm with his fire bending. Most importantly, he can purify radioactive water for drinking. Hence when we are in a population he is the most wanted.

We are still looking for the Apple so that, I guess, can bring it to an end.


Can we survive long enough?


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