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The season 5 finale of The Walking Dead it left us fans on the edge of our seats with assumptions of what we might see in season 6. So these are just a few things that need to happen in Season 6 of The Walking Dead.

First, I hope to see Morgan and Rick became a joint leadership, because I feel it would be interesting to see Morgan be put in that situation and this may help Morgan become more of a needed member in the group.

Next, I would want to see more character development in Morgan, because they only showed a little bit of his character in the first season and little bit when Rick, Michonne, and Carl went to find more supplies. Also we need more development for the new characters in Alexanderia.

Another thing that need to happen is that Rick and the group need to find out what Father Gabriel said to Deanna because that was quote on quote from me "The meanest sh** to say to the group that have been protecting you from death!!" So Father Gabriel needs to tell the group because if Rick finds out some other way then he might just kill Father Gabriel.

So these are a few things that need to happen in The Walking Dead Season 6. Thank you and please Follow!


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