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Jeff Goldblum took to Facebook on July 4th to aptly promote Independence Day 2 on Independence Day... I like where the marketing for this project is heading already. And having visited the set in New Mexico a couple weeks ago, I can - without giving too much away - tell you that it's going to be pretty awesome. Advancements in technology, both fictional and real, will give this movie a chance to live up to the classic from the '90s.

Here's what the iconic actor posted to Facebook that has fans around the world buzzing to see what else they'll eventually lay out over time:

We thought we wiped them out. The Resurgence is here. #IDR

Posted by Jeff Goldblum on Saturday, July 4, 2015

Of course this isn't necessarily much, but the movie doesn't hit theaters until next summer. I have a feeling, 20 years later, that it will exceed expectations and Roland Emmerich will deliver another solid film for us to enjoy. I talked to the cast, and they all seem to be really engaged.

I like this idea of the entire globe uniting against a common enemy. If something like this were to happen in real-life, we would have to put aside our petty differences and unite... that's something we all need to realize and a movie like this could have a pretty legitimate underlying message for us to all learn from.

Also, Jeff Goldblum is pure comedy and a badass to boot.

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Pumped for IDR after seeing this teaser?

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