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With Benedict Cumberbatch having long since been confirmed to be taking the title role in Marvel's upcoming Doctor Strange, speculation has, for the past few months, been heavily focused on his supporting cast. Whether it's Tilda Swinton's rumored role as Strange mentor The Ancient One, or Chiwetel Ejiofor's eagerly-awaited casting as long-time foe Baron Mordo, the vast bulk of our Doctor Strange-related news has been determinedly supporting cast-based for a good while now.

Which, it seems, isn't set to change anytime soon, with the latest rumors seemingly addressing a notable absence from the rumor-mill thus far. Y'see, it sounds as though:

Rachel McAdams Might Be Playing Doctor Strange's Female Lead

That, at least, is the latest word coming from Heroic Hollywood, which is reporting that McAdams - currently storming our television screens in HBO's True Detective Season 2 - has been offered a major role in the movie by Marvel.

Which would, on a number of levels, make a whole lot of sense. After all, McAdams is very much the kind of face-and-name-recognition possessing (but not-overly priced) star that Marvel tends to go for, as well as an accomplished and experienced actor. Add in the fact that she looks a fair amount like Doctor Strange's long-time assistant (and the presumed female lead for the movie) Clea...

...and you have yourself an entirely plausible rumor.

The big question remaining, though?

Would McAdams Actually Be Playing Clea?

After all, there's no guarantee that we'll actually see Clea on the big screen in Doctor Strange. While traditionally a major part of Doctor Strange's comic book mythos, she wasn't actually introduced until a little while after his origin story - meaning there's no guarantee she'll play a part in this first introduction to the character.

A major reason for that? Her origins are - even for the Marvel universe - pretty solidly rooted in the fantastic. She is, after all, the mistress of the Dark Dimension - as well as Doc Strange's student, partner and lover - meaning that a whole lot of her comic book origins are heavily tied to alternate dimensions and magical forces.

Now, with that very much set to be a major part of Doctor Strange, it's entirely possible that we could indeed see Clea - but it's equally possible that Marvel may opt to take a more grounded approach, and use a less famous (and less magical) figure from Strange's past as the film's female lead.

Could, for instance, Morganna Blessing - a later, less mystically involved, love interest of Strange's - get the nod in Clea's place?

It's entirely possible - though most fans (this writer included) would likely prefer to see Clea appear in some form, whether played by McAdams or not. She has, after all, developed into one of the more badass heroes in the Marvel universe - especially in recent years - and her regular stance of placing duty (and badassery) over her love for Strange would provide a more interesting romantic subplot than the classic 'non-powered damsel in distress.'

For now, however, it looks as though time'll be the one to tell...

What do you think, though?

via Heroic Hollywood


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