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(Warning - Potential SPOILERS for Captain America: Civil War are below. Proceed with whatever level of caution your natural SPOILER-wariness dictates...)

Now, if there's one thing you could say about Marvel Studios' upcoming movie slate without fear of sparking any kind of controversy, it's that it's pretty darned full. With two movies coming out in 2015 and 2016, and three from 2017 on, there're a whole lot of Avenger-ish cinematic adventures heading our way over the next few years.

Perhaps the most eagerly anticipated, though, is next year's Captain America: Civil War. It is, after all, set to pit Cap against Iron Man, in an on-screen version of the popular comic book crossover event 'Civil War.'

Which means this is probably going to happen...


...which, on principle, tends to make all of us Marvel fans happy.

Iron Man, though, isn't the only foe Cap's going to have to face in the movie (though he'll likely be the shiniest). Not only is he also set to go up against his old pal Brock Rumlow, who's cued to finally become his comic book counterpart Crossbones, but one of Steve Rogers' oldest enemies is finally about to arrive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - and, as it turns out, he's already on set:

Baron Zemo Has Officially Arrived on the Civil War Set

That's right: Daniel Brühl (Zemo himself) isn't just about to hit the MCU - he's already there filming...

And, from the looks of it, he'll be...looking more-or-less the same as he normally does.

Or, at least, in the beginning...

Y'see, awesome as it is that Brühl is now on set, we're still a long way from having any kind of idea of just what his role in the plot is going to be - and if that's not a cue to take a close look at the character's comic book history, in order to dig up some plot clues, I honestly don't know what is...

First up?

Zemo Isn't Likely to Look Like Brühl for Long

For one thing, he tends to wear that famous purple mask pretty much all-the-freaking-time, so if the character's much like he is in the comics, we sadly won't be seeing too much of Brühl's actual face.

The even bigger reason, though? Well, you know, in the comics, there's actually more than one Baron Zemo. The first, Dr. Heinrich Zemo, was a foe of Cap's during World War II (who happened to survive the war, too) who had his mask permanently bonded to his face, meaning he pretty much always looked like this:

The second Zemo, though, Heinrich's son Helmut (who, what with Brühl not being in his 90s, seems the more likely candidate for him to be playing) had a slightly different reason for never showing his face: He was horribly scarred...

All of which means that there's a good chance that we are indeed going to see Brühl's actual face in Civil War...up until the point that something terrible happens to it.

Something from the Institute for Infectious Diseases, perhaps?

Meanwhile, there's always the possibility that:

We Could See the Masters of Evil Rise During Civil War

A group originally founded by the elder Zemo, the Masters of Evil have long been a thorn in the Avengers - and particularly Cap's - side. With an ever-changing line-up (that's included the Age of Ultron-introduced Klaw at times), the evil-doing team was revived a number of times by multiple villains, including Zemo the younger, suggesting we could well see them turn up in the MCU sometime soon...possibly even beginning in Civil War.

One of those generations of the Masters of Evil, however, started out as a team that may actually be even more likely to appear in the MCU:

Could We Instead See the Thunderbolts?

Back in the late '90s, y'see, Marvel briefly (sort of) killed off the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, and in their place arose a team named the Thunderbolts. Billed as a new, Avengers-replacing team of heroes, the team was soon shockingly revealed to be Zemo and a new version of the Masters of Evil masquerading as heroes...

Which, being a pretty great idea, was years later reused during 'Civil War,' with Spider-villain Norman Osborn putting together a team of ostensibly heroic 'Dark Avengers':

Could the two be combined in Civil War, though - or in the near future of the MCU - with Zemo in fact being established as a vaguely respectable figure, much like Osborn, before turning out to be the son of one of Cap's old enemies?

Throw the Abomination, Crossbones, a handful of Iron Man villains and Klaw together, after all, and you've got yourself a pretty solid MCU Masters of Evil - and as the Thunderbolts, they could provide an intriguing, Cap and Iron Man-reuniting ending to Civil War...

What do you reckon, though?



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