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You're bored and don't know what to do. Two words: Binge Watch! But what should you watch? I have a list of shows that you probably haven't seen yet, that you should at least give a go!

10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)

Everyone always talks about the 1987 TMNT series or the reboot that came out recently. As a naughties kid, it was the 2003 version that defined my childhood and it was awesome! Shredder was an armoured bad-ass who seemed unkillable, the turtles were so much fun but still had this sense of grit about them and there was this great villain named Agent Bishop who was basically Agent Smith. The show is also a lot more faithful to the comics than the original series while offering it's own little twists. If you like TMNT, give this show a try. Shredder has this twist that you might find a little weird but give it a go anyway.

9. Once Upon A Time

At first glance, OUAT seems stupid. It's a bunch of fairytale characters in the real world and yeah, I could see why that seems stupid. It actually is very cool, the characters are done really well, it builds it's own mythology and actually has some pretty cool storylines. I don't want to spoil any of the characters but I can say they're all pretty good. Give it a try, who cares what others think?

8. Wayward Pines

Wayward Pines is a fairly new show but I can already say that I love it. Ethan Burke wakes up in a strange utopian town that he can't escape. He is desperate to find out the truth, but at what cost? This isn't a show like Lost where you're left with unanswered questions, I can already tell you that the truth has been revealed and it makes perfect sense. It doesn't feel complicated or convoluted and everything unfolds at a very steady pace. It is a very interesting show and a highly recommend you give it a go.

7. iZombie

Another fairly recent show, at first I found the premise to be dumb and I was skeptical about the quality. I was happy to find my expectations to be greatly exceeded. This show is just so great at execution it absolutely baffles me how all of this just works so perfectly. Olivia Moore becomes a zombie after a party goes wrong and takes a job at the morgue to eat brains and gets memories from what she eats and uses it to solve their murders. I know, it sounds really stupid but it is done really well. Watch it, you won't be disappointed.

6. Archer

There's The Simpsons, there's Family Guy, there's South Park, and then there's Archer. Basically every character on the show you love to hate because it's hilarious just how much of a douche they can be. So much profanity, so much violence, so many pop culture references. Of course there are going to be people out there who don't like this show so if you are reading this, it should be obvious to you if whether or not you're into this kind of stuff. Danger zone!

5. Scorpion

This show is pretty damn cool. It's about a team of social outcasts who are extremely intelligent and start solving crimes for the US government. The characters on this show feel so genuine and everything on the show is smart but simplified enough for the audience to understand and make them feel smart. The pilot left my jaw dropped, how everything just came together and was solved is just beautiful. It's very entertaining and worth a try.

4. Wilfred (US)

As an Australian, I can tell you now that the American version is much better. It stars Frodo, I mean Elijah Wood as Ryan who is down on his luck and slightly suicidal. He gets a new neighbour who owns a dog named Wilfred. The thing is, Wilfred is just an Aussie junkie in a dog costume, but only Ryan can see it. This show is both really funny and very deep, it plays around with dog cliches in a humourous way while also delving into the idea of whether or not Ryan is just crazy and needs to get his life straightened out. The show ends on a bitter sweet note and I can say the first season finale has never left me so shocked. It's a wild ride that people with a twisted sense of humour should try out.

3. The Spectacular Spider-Man

This might just be the best superhero television series around. It offers everything you could ask for, great villains, great characters, great storylines. It's just an all-around whale of a time. Everyone who always talks about Spider-Man 2 being a masterpiece needs to watch this. Spider-Man 2 looks like Spider-Man 3 compared to this show. You could say that this show is spectacular (I'm very sorry, I had to).

2. Impractical Jokers (US)

What do you get when you give four high school friends (a germaphobe who's afraid of cats, an awkward ferret looking weirdo, a lonely cat person who looks like a homeless Rosie O'Donnell and an egotist with a sinister sense of humour) the sole goal of embarrassing each other to avoid the ultimate public humiliation? What might just be the greatest show ever. Never heard of this show? Not surprised. I've never laughed so hard in my life until watching the insane antics that these guys get up to. Basically how I'm going to find my soulmate is find out if they like Impractical Jokers, if they do then she has to be the one. It's definitely not for everyone, give a couple of episodes a shot and see what you think.

1. Community

It's sad how many people don't watch this. I literally know no one in real life who watches this show and it makes life that much less interesting. It's not just a sitcom, it is THE sitcom. It throws every single cliche that comes with sitcoms out the window, picks them back up and then starts beating the sh*t out of them. Basically every episode of Season 2 is a masterpiece. Check out my Top 25 Episodes List for recommendations. P.S. Don't watch No. 1 unless you've watched a few other episodes to get close with the characters. P.P.S. Only watch the first three seasons, after that it gets really iffy.

Well hopefully there's at least one show you like on that list. Tell me some shows I might of missed. I only put on shows that I felt were underrated so of course there are good shows that weren't on there. Have a good day!


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