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Fans were devastated when Emily Kinney was unceremoniously kicked out of the land of the living in AMC's The Walking Dead. The actress, who played Beth, had quickly become a fan favorite after a couple of seasons of relative obscurity in the zombie apocalypse drama. In fact, her death was taken so badly, 65,000 fans signed a petition to somehow remove the bullet from her brain and reinstate her in the show.

That seems unlikely to happen, but those 65,000 Beth-addicts can still get their fill of Kinney-goodness, although in a slightly different setting.

Entertainment Weekly has now announced that Kinney is due to appear as a reoccurring character in the next season of Showtime's Masters of Sex. According to the trade magazine, the 29-year old Kinney "will appear in a multi-episode arc as Nora. As a child, Nora was Bill and Libby Masters’ neighbor. Now in her 20s, poised and brimming with intelligence, Nora volunteers to become a sex surrogate in the next phase of Masters and Johnson’s research."

With this mind, you can probably expect Kinney to get involved in some rather risqué scenes, which is kind of Masters of Sex's whole bag. Over the two seasons the show has been on air, it hasn't exactly shied away from pushing the boundaries of what you can see on television - the show is called Masters of Sex after all. I was going to include a video showcasing some of what I mean, but it would actually be contrary to our website guidelines regarding nudity and sexual content, so sorry about that, you'll just have to seek it out yourself. However, here is the slightly less saucy trailer for the upcoming Season 3:

It's not clear how many episodes Kinney will appear in, or quite what she'll get up to, but from the sounds of the announcement, we can at least expect het to have a relatively important role. The Walking Dead looks like it might have been a launchpad for Kinney to grab more television roles. She recently appeared in The Flash as the Bug-Eyed Bandit, while she also scored a role on Forever.

Masters of Sex's third season will premiere on July 12 on Showtime.

Source: EntertainmentWeekly


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