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Hans' sudden personality switch has fascinated many Frozen fans and there are various fan theories about just what caused the seemingly genial prince to snap and reveal his evil intentions.

While some people's musing are sympathetic to the thirteenth in line to the throne's upbringing, some of them are more left-field and, although strange, totally fun to think about. I mean, we need something to keep us occupied until Frozen 2, right?

Reddit user Rob Yeo has dreamed up a reason that definitely got me thinking and I thought I would share it with you guys to see what you make of it.

Although in the movie Hans explicitly explains his motivations, this theory suggests that he may have been influenced by a higher power for Kristoff's gain and it certainly makes the trolls a lot more relevant to the movie's plot. So, let's break it down.

The trolls adopt Kristoff as one of their own, and they clearly adore him...

...and like any parent, they just want their 'son' to settle down with a life partner that will make them happy.

When the trolls are introduced to Anna - who has brought out the best in Kristoff and is a princess to boot - they are thrilled with the prospect of the pair getting together, but there is the "minor thing" of her engagement to Hans to deal with.

So, they come up with a plan: "get the fiancée out of the way and the whole thing will be fixed."

You can hear them singing their disapproval for Hans in the song above.

Up until the trolls sing this song there has been no evidence that Hans is anything but a benevolent royal...

...but after the trolls sing their song (or magical incantation if you want to look at it like that), Hans becomes evil.

So, maybe the trolls used their powers to get Hans "out of the way" and set the scene for Kristoff and Anna to fall in love?

While it might not make absolute sense, I love this theory because it gives the trolls a lot more purpose instead of just dancing and singing their lives away in the forest. After all, they have so much wisdom when it comes to Elsa's powers, it would make total sense for them to be a bit magical themselves!

(Source: Reddit)


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