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James Bond is suave with the ladies, sharp in overthrowing villains, knows how to work gadgets and weapons, and must know how to...sing?

Yes, that's right people. According to Playbill, a musical based on James Bond is supposedly in the works. Meaning our top-notch secret agent man must know his fox trot, pivot turns, harmonies, and how to hold a pose.

Placeholder Productions has secured the rights to a stage version, with novelist Dave Clarke (Keeping Hannah Waiting), and country composer Jay Henry Weisz in charge of music and lyrics.

I can't imagine villains like Blofeld or Silva dancing and singing in a musical number or two, but I suppose Placeholder has it all figured out.

Say what?!
Say what?!

The musical is set to feature a majority of our favorite villains, introduce some new ones, as well a new Bond girl, although there have been no casting announcements yet. James Bond: The Musical is set to be released in 2017-2018 in either Las Vegas or on Broadway.

I am interested to see a gun-wielding slick agent dance to some choreographed moves while still impressing the ladies and defeating bad guys left and right.

I suppose if anyone were to do it right, It would be James Bond. And he'd be able to pull it all off, too.

[Source: Comicbook]


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