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'Sense8' is exciting, intriguing and engaging on all levels. Indeed, it is a diverse show in nature and an exploration of all the senses. The 12 episode series looks into human nature and what it truly means to be 'human'. It's the 'Heroes' of Netflix, though it achieves more than it with its unconventional nature covering themes including race, culture, gender and sexuality - all of which make for a refreshing change of pace. What else would you expect from the directors of 'The Matrix' and 'Cloud Atlas'? The Wachowskis have always included philosophical elements to their productions and they're certainly never afraid to push the bar to do this.

Though, 'Sense8' is distinguishable from their other work and other shows in general through its well handled balance between the clear philosophical message and everything else that makes a good TV series from action to drama to plot.

'Sense8' tells the story of eight strangers each from different cultures and parts of the world who are suddenly mentally linked. While living their everyday lives they suddenly have a vision of the violent death of a woman called Angelica (Daryl Hannah) and find themselves 'reborn' as 'Sensates' - (you see what they did there with the title?)

Now they are able to communicate, sense, and access each other's knowledge, language and skills. With the help of mysterious stranger Jonas (Naveen Andrews), they must find a way to survive being hunted by those who see them as a threat to humanity.

I'm losing my mind.
No, it's just expanding.
The eight sensates
The eight sensates

It might seem like a weird concept, but it's done very well and enough so to interest and surprisingly draw you into the relationships between the well rounded characters. It takes a while to build up and develop, but give it a chance and the show begins to establish its own sense of identity making it unique rather than a spinoff of 'Heroes' with a hint of 'Minority Report'. It's a really good show as long as you're willing to take the first step in accepting what it is.

At its core is a compelling story centring around the relationships and personality of the 8 individual characters, and despite that for the most part many of the actors are unknown, their performances add real depth to the show as a whole making sure that there is someone that everyone can root for.

I'll admit, there are some typical Wachowski elements that feel forced at times like the sex scenes. Man there's a lot of nudity and sex, but you know what, the good far outweighs the bad as far as I'm concerned. Take the cinematography for example; the switching between characters' perspectives and locations is done so well that it feels seamless and we as the audience are able to understand the cohesion between the characters because of its amazing execution.

Day 27 - "There seems to be something wrong with my hormone replacement therapy"
Day 27 - "There seems to be something wrong with my hormone replacement therapy"

Other than 'The Matrix' Trilogy and 'V for Vendetta', there hasn't been much from the directors that I've liked from them since, but I can say that I actually thoroughly enjoyed all 12 episodes. Unlike, the people that haven't enjoyed the show, because for some reason they can't grasp the concept or are frustrated by the slow pace (since it is a typical Wachowski production and maybe they dislike this reputation/branding from their previous works), but I for one hope that there will be another season of 'Sense8' soon.


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