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For any of those who've engaged with the Kingdom Hearts series before, you'll be well aware of its infamous complexity. Square Enix have developed a story of time travel, numerous characters, false identities, ridiculous twists and general confusion since the initial release date of Kingdom Hearts in March of 2002. There have been some poor entries into the franchise, along with some beautiful highs. But if you won't be going out and buying Kingdom Hearts HD Remix 1.5 & 2.5, then you'll need a lot of help with catching up.

Fear not! There are so many Kingdom Hearts fans out there who have endeavoured to create comprehensive and full-encompassing videos explaining the entire story of Kingdom Hearts. We trust that Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to confuse a lot of us, but these videos are certainly going to help refresh your memory!

Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Helpful Videos Covering the Plot of Kingdom Hearts

PS4 owners who've stuck with Playstation systems since their infancy will be more likely to have engaged with the Kingdom hearts franchise at some point - everyone knew about it. However, XBOX owners and XBOX One players may still have missed out on the chance. Therefore, these videos are really important for those that think Kingdom Hearts 3 looks great but who've never engaged with the series at all. I'd recommend trying one of the games beforehand though, part of the joy of Kingdom Hearts 3 will be seeing how gameplay has transformed!

In any case, let's start with this particular video from Frustrated Jacob on YouTube. He gives you a run-through of the entire series in less than 20 minutes. It's comprehensive, entertaining, well edited and an easy way to get all of the information you've been dying to know. Hell, I actually learned some new connections from this video!

Will the Release Date of Kingdom Hearts 3 Be the First Time You Play Kingdom Hearts?

Aside from this video, you can go into some pretty insane depth! The one below will offer you an insanely deep telling of the Kingdom Hearts story. It comes straight from GameTrailers and they really covered everything. The video goes on for approximately an hour, which is impressive considering how much happens in these games. Let us know if you watched both of these videos or whether one in particular was helpful!

To wrap all of this up, I'd like to share a video of one of my favourite aspects of the Kingdom Hearts franchise: its music. This version of Dearly Beloved is really amazing. It's super cheesy, but that's an inherent aspect of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Embrace the overwhelming emotion and dive into one of the most beloved franchises in Video Games! Let us know what you thought of the videos in the comments below and if you're excited for the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3.

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