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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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The Cujo remake just got weird. Stephen King's classic chiller about a murderous rabid dog has been slated for a reboot for a while - along with the recent Chloë Grace Moretz led Carrie and upcoming IT remake - but the team behind Cujo 2.0 have announced a kinda bizarre direction...

Film School Rejects dropped the exclusive:

The title has been changed to the acronym C.U.J.O., which is said to stand for “Canine Unit Joint Operations.”

Um... what? Don't get me wrong, this could be an interesting development, but it's just a little surprising. Can we expect some sort of canine Skynet? A K-9 robodog militarized taskforce?

There's also a pic circulating of the giant doggie rumored to play the titular Cujo - sorry, C.U.J.O. - who looks like the sort of pup you wouldn't want baying for your blood!

I honestly don't know what to expect from the 'Canine Unit Joint Operations' - hopefully it'll harness some of the gritty freakiness of DREDD or Survival of the Dead if there's a military aspect to the plot.

It's definitely a far cry from the original, either way...

We don't have any more details at this time, but sound off in the comments about what you think the new direction of 'C.U.J.O.' could mean!


C.U.J.O. - 'Canine Unit Joint Operations'? What do you think?

Source: Youtube, Film School Rejects


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