ByOlivia van der Will, writer at

When I think of Jaws, the last thing that I want to be doing is hanging out anywhere near water.

But maybe, to experience this film in all of its scary glory the best place to be is sitting out by the water. Brave Jaws fans were recently treated to a special screening of Jaws called 'Jaws on the Water,' where their only protection was a rubber dinghy...

The event took place at the Texas Ski Resort last week and there were luckily no red carpets laid out for sharks at this film screening. The fans had options of movie snacks and non alcoholic beverages served on floating bars to enjoy inside their non-shark-proof-tubes.

Alamo Drafthouse, hosted the 'Jaws On the Water' event at a man-made lake within the resort to mark the 40th anniversary of Jaws. The last 'Jaws on the Water' event was 13 years ago, so it was about time that they hosted this event again!

But, even with no sharks attending, the fans still had to stay on their guard as trouble was floating in the waters. This event got a whole lot more interesting as fans began playing tricks and pranks on each other in the dark.

Check out this mischievous commentator:

“Slip off your tube, swim under water to a different tube and grab someone’s feet and pull them in. They would crap their pants.”

The event was frighteningly awesome, and with a strict ''no texting'' policy all attention was given to a great night. The pranks, which happened throughout, were all lighthearted and mainly involved leg grabbing and making each other jump.

Even if a little fishy were to bump into my toe while watching this horror film I would be jumping straight out of my float. I can only imagine how hilarious this event was for fans, hearing that iconic 'da-dum, da-dum' with your legs dangled over the murky water, suspecting a prankster might grab them.


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