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Recently released records of testimony show that Bill Cosby himself admitted to obtaining seven Quaalude (a mind-altering drug) prescriptions with the intention of giving them to women he wanted to have sexual relations with.

The 2005 case was settled out of court and up until this point the documents were not available to the public, but The Associated Press pressured their release in court, finally leading to them becoming public information.

Cosby answered the questions from prosecutor, Dolores Troiana, under oath and his sworn deposition of the trial sheds new light on his ongoing scandal:

T: When you got the Quaaludes, was it in your mind that you were going to use these Quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with?
C: Yes

While Cosby never outright admitted to actually using the Quaaludes to drug any of the women he slept with, he later admitted to giving them to "some people" and dosing the plaintiff, a Temple University employee, with three Benadryl tablets.

He also stated that he had sex with another woman in Las Vegas while under the influence of drugs, but it was not confirmed whether or not she knowingly took the Quaaludes, although he claims she was aware:

C: I meet Ms (Redacted) in Las Vegas. She meets me back stage. I give her Quaaludes. We then have sex. I do not I can’t judge at this time what she knows about herself for 19 years, a passive personality.

The accuser is one of over 25 of women who have charged Bill Cosby with sexual assault, many of whom have since told CNN that these newly released records of Cosby's own testimony give them a sense of vindication.

Barbara Bowman, who claims to have been assaulted multiple times in the 1980s stated:

It's huge. I've worked so long and hard to tell my story and screamed my story onto deaf ears.

Despite numerous allegations against him, the 77-year-old comedian has never been officially charged of these accusations as many of their statutes of limitations have since expired.

(Via: CNN, Variety)


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