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Following in the footsteps of his previous incredibly gritty films, Quentin Tarantino has another new movie The Hateful Eight heading our way. This guy is one of my most favorite directors of all time and if Dusk till Dawn, Pulp Fiction and Inglorious Basterds are anything to go by then this film is going to be incredible. Surprisingly, it looks like this movie will be headed in a more lighthearted direction. Tarantino stated:

"We are definitely the funniest snow Western ever made. This is funnier than The Great Silence, it’s funnier than Day of the Outlaw."

Although we have to wait until comic-con next week to potentially see any footage of the new film, the first images have been released, and it looks freezing...

This film will follow a gun-toting group of eight who are forced to take shelter in a mountain lodge after a vicious blizzard causes havoc in the area. The film has an incredible cast, which only adds to the excitement of this next Tarantino installment; the actors include Samuel L. Jackson (Avengers), Kurt Russell (Furious 7), Channing Tatum ( Magic Mike), Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Machinist), Michael Madsen (Free Willy), Tim Roth (Planet of the Apes), Walton Goggins (Django Unchained), Bruce Dern (Django Unchained), and Demián Bichir (Machete Kills). The characters have a mission to make it to Red Rock, but as the storm battles on will they make it?

Kurt Russell
Kurt Russell

Quentin Tarantino has also revealed this exciting film spoiler:

"(In Spaghetti cowboy films) You wait the whole episode to find out, ‘Are they a good guy or are they a bad guy?’' So I thought, ‘What if I did a story that was made up of nothing but those characters?’ So there’s no good guys. There’s no Little Joe.”

First photo releases:

Samuel L. Jackson and Kurt Russell

Samuel L. Jackson looks entirely displeased at being in a carriage with Kurt, who appears to be wearing an entire beaver family on his head! Samuel has gone for a more red carpet look in this freezing looking scenario. But, seriously how exciting are these images?

Samuel L. Jackson and Kurt Russell Part Two:

Featuring another tough looking Kurt Russell, but Samuel does not look so impressed by this gun wielding actor.

The crew and actors on set:

If we can rely on any film director who can keep track of all the various film genres and sub-genres while making his films work and fit together its Quentin Tarantino. Even if this is to be a more lighthearted film, it will no doubt be filled with darkness and epic fighting along the way. I am waiting in suspense to see what is revealed at comic-con next week.

This film will come snow storming into cinemas around Christmas time!


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