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There's no mystery over why the Power Rangers reboot is being made, and who it's being made for. There's a reason it's Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers getting remade and not Turbo or Time Force or Ninja Storm or any other of those promising moves in a game of scrabble. Mighty Morphin' is the one etched onto the public consciousness as embodying the 90s, and if there's anything modern audiences love, it's seeing an interpretation of stuff that was popular decades ago, just so they can complain that it was better decades ago. I don't understand demographics anymore.

And why do I use the word interpretation when talking about the Power Rangers reboot? It's because this is not an extension of the Power Rangers brand, but rather an attempt to sell that brand to a newer audience that only kinda understands what it was in the first place. That means we're getting a concentrated dose of how we remember Power Rangers. That's a good thing right? It means lots of colors and morphing and improbable martial arts skills at a high school age. That said, there are still a few ridiculous staples from the original show that are sure to be lost in this reboot!

Japanese stock footage


The fact that Power Rangers used stock footage from the Japanese Super Sentai show is common knowledge to anyone who was familiar with the show upon its release. However, since Power Rangers has become such an icon over the years, many are still under the impression that it's entirely original content. I find that hard to believe. Even as a child, I remember getting a little confused when all the rangers morphed into their zords and the architecture suddenly got very Japanese.

What better way to shake new audiences out of their complacency than by suddenly cutting to weird footage from the original Super Sentai. I'm not saying this is the reason Power Rangers gained traction (where's our Big Bad Beetle Borgs movie huh?), and sure it would be weird, but when was Power Rangers not?


Still more real than Jurassic World!
Still more real than Jurassic World!

This wouldn't so much be a carry over from the original TV show, but would more likely be paying homage to the first Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Movie! The final battle against Ivan Ooze looks like baby's first Pacific Rim. Visually, it's one of the most ugly things put to film, and weirdly enough, I remember it fondly because of that.

Now, the prospect of making CGI intentionally bad in a Hollywood blockbuster sounds insane, but why not get the audience on your side by writing bad effects into the movie itself. No one has ever looked at a monster in a movie, and said "woah it looks like CGI!" Power Rangers has the opportunity to be one of the most tongue and cheek movies ever made.

Bulk and Skull

This is a small suggestion, but I find it just isn't quite Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers unless Bulk and Skull are around to unwittingly "bully" our heroes. As it stands, the image of Bulk and Skull is a sad one, with Power Rangers basically constituting actor, Paul Schrier's entire career. Perhaps a recast would be in order, and perhaps the characters would be flipped around to be good looking and charismatic and popular. It never made sense what kind of power Bulk and Skull thought they held over the Rangers, and giving them actual reasons to be school bullies would be a good move!

That theme song!

I'm not suggesting this theme song won't be in the movie at all. Some form of it will likely be interpreted orchestrally or with a dubstep remix. What I want is for it to return in all it's lame watered-down metal glory. This doesn't need to just be a wink to old fans over the credits. This needs to play over the fight scenes themselves, just as it did in the show, diffusing all tension because hey, it's Power Rangers! The stakes are low and we love it! They may have to change the line "they've got a power and a force that you've never seen before!" No, Power Rangers theme song. By the time this movie is out, we'll have seen it many many times!

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