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The Predator is leaving no kombatant standing as he rips through the character roster of Mortal Kombat X. Get ready to witness some of the most gruesome brutalities and fatalities that we have seen yet in Mortal Kombat X.

The Predator will be accessible to the world in just a few days time, however the Mortal Kombat X devs have been showcasing in advance just a few of the never seen before spine shattering fatalities and brutalities that will be available to the Predator come July 7th.

The wait is almost over. Ever since the Predator was revealed a few months back as a Kombat Pack Kombatant, the gaming world has been overflowing with debate and speculation. The topics spread like wildfire through the gaming forums; What weapons, fatalities and brutalities could accompany this iconic hunter?

The creators of this brilliantly brutal fighter have created this hands on demonstration of a few new, never before seen combos to allow the players to get a closer look at what capabilities the Predator will have come the DLC drop on July 7th.

All Of Predators fatalities & Brutalities So Far

NetherRealm have hit the nail on the head in their portrayal of the immensely popular movie monster, Predator. The commitment to the brand is evident in each and every single fatality and brutality. The Predator will even laugh in the same manner he did in the original movie during the fight.

I especially like the use of the wrist blades. The integration of this powerfully iconic melee weapon into the majority of the brutalities is a real plus point for me. (pun intended)

All hail the return of the king. The mightiest of hunters comes equipped with all his goodies. The inclusion of not only the shoulder cannon but the smart disk and spear is inspired.

In the gameplay we see the Predator take the win and proceed to take apart the enemy limb by limb with his shoulder cannon just before he blows off their head.

The Predator can use his Smart disk to slice through the opposition, when incorporated in a fatality we can see that the Predator can either throw the disk into the target or keep it in his hand and thrust the disk through the opponents body (similar to Danny Glover in Predator 2).

Even the other characters in the game have secret Predator easter eggs. Check out this insanely cool easter egg hidden within gun-toting Erron Black's arsenal. Have you spotted any others?

In total the Predator will come with 5 immensely gory brutalities and 2 killer fatalities. If you notice, each brutality is brilliantly named after some iconic movie moments from the Predator movies.

The hunter is not a fighter you want to miss those vital moves against. The Predator will take no prisoners; my suggestion is to hit hard fast and and stay close to him, and don't forget to block if you are unfortunate enough to come up against the ultimate hunter. Better yet, be the Predator!

The DLC Drop Specifics

The long awaited Predator DLC Pack is available from today for those of you who have opted into buying the Kombat Pack. For those of you that have not bought the pack, the Predator will be available come July 14.

Don't forget, the Predator DLC also includes a lot of other cool items as well as the legendary monster. It will include, amongst other things, three new skins; Carl Weathers as Jax, Commando Johnny and Infrared Scorpion.

MORE Iconic Fighters?

It is worth noting at this point that NetherRealm have stated that the introduction of yet more iconic or legendary fighters is a real strong possibility. The new fighters will come to Mortal Kombat X specifically from the horror genre.

So, new iconic horror inspired fighters, who could be next for inclusion in Mortal Kombat X? Leather Face? Terminator? I for one am extremely excited to hear this. Just imagine a chainsaw wielding monster taking on Jason!

Mortal Kombat fans get tweeting. Get onto us here and NetherRealms social networks and let's make this a reality. Pick your ultimate horror monster and get voting for their inclusion. The ultimate showdowns are within our grasp!

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