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Some of the Fun Facts of Girl Meets World so far...

So far has three seasons, Season 3 is currently airing now

Some a the best moments so FAR!

Boy Meets World, which ran from 1993-2000

Its has been nominated for an EMMY In 2016!

Girl Meets World is for a new generation.

Follows Cory and Topanga daughter Riley and her friends Maya, Lucas, Farkle

Season one started on June 27th 2014!

Shawn, Corey's brothers, parents, even Finny, Minkus, John and more all show up at some point

Those you Love are always There!

Remember to call them and tell them you still care!

The Girl Meets Texas is a three partner that brought in a triangle issue for the group

Cory & Topanga Have 2 Kids

High School is full of Challenges

Shawn’s father, Chet shows for special fathers day episode with the gang


Shawn shows up on the show often which is great! We love Shawn too!

The holiday Episode is one of the best!
The holiday Episode is one of the best!

Netflix currently has season 1 and 2


Brings new and old together for a real treat, for those who loved Boy Meets World!


They even tackled hard topics most shy away from — autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, involving Farkle

Best quote so far is from Riley, “Who wants to be normal?”

True Love can exist, you just have to work at

Addresses Bullying

The former bully of John Adams High returns! Danny McNulty

Being grateful and not forgetting those the take care of you

True Friends last a life time whether they are with or not!

Stuart Minkus is back!

People effect People lesson keeps poping up often

FENNY need some more of him please just a bit more

The show is filled with tons of valuable life lessons just like it was the first time

Being Honest with yourself!

Trina McGee aka Angela Moore, Shawn's girlfriend who left him brokenhearted during “Girl Meets Hurricane”

Mr. Turner (Anthony Tyler Quinn) is back !!!!

Shawn shows up and those are often the best episodes!

Eric Matthews And Mr. Feeny Are included!

"PEOPLE CHANGE PEOPLE" one of the biggest lessons in life

“Girl Meets 1961,” is an episode from season one and ties in grandparents! together!

"Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels” episode is one the best!!
Also "Girl Meets Pluto"

'Good Friends are for Life!"

Hey where's Morgan???? Cory little sis?? still have not seen her

Some of the best lines: Topanga: [sarcastically] Let's get married, let's have a kid, let's have another kid!Cory: [sarcastically] Well, you listened to me, you big stupid!

Jack, (Matthew Lawrence) is around !

What are your favorites?

Who would you like to see return?

What to do hope to see more of?


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