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In the event of a world ravaging apocalypse, you need to have the right mixture of people by your side that can help you survive in every way possible. In this world you are going to encounter a variety of different trials, the most minuscule think we take for granted today could very well become one of the most difficult things in this world.

A few of the things you need to think about are food/water and how plan finding it, protection from the harsh environment, and protection from hostile thieves/cannibals/murders/etc.

You need to be as equipped as possible and so I thought of three characters from movies and books that would be a welcome addition to stay by my side during the apocalypse should I find myself on my own otherwise.

Let's get started:

1. Batman

Between all his gadgets and equipment, he'd be amazing to have around for sure. But in this post apocalyptic world, the more complex gadgets would be inaccessible. But Batman is a survivor, he's weathered many different challenges in his life and survived. He knows how to fend for himself.

The benefit of having Batman around in a post-apocalyptic situation is that he is very resourceful and probably could put together a generator of some sort to help us have a little light and some heat wherever we end up holed up at.

Batman also has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to combat and being trained by him wouldn't be a bad way to pass the time. He's also a master of stealth, which could come in handy should we ever find ourselves having to infiltrate enemy territory quietly.

His intelligence in every aspect is a huge benefit and he doesn't need skyscrapers and high-tech gadgets to survive, he just needs the will to survive, and as long as there are others for him to protect, I believe he'd maintain that will.

2. Hulk

Well, in this scenario, I imagine Hulk is more aware of the difference between friend and foe. But the stark contrast between who he is and who Batman is is not an oversight. There are times where even Batman may be outnumbered, it's rare, but it's happened. That's what Hulk is for. When the quiet and stealthy approach to an attack do not bear fruit, Hulk can come in loud and rampaging and making sure the bad guys never see the light of day again.

The pure visual presence that someone like Hulk has is also something to bear in mind. Scavengers and raiders seeking for someone to prey upon in this dog-eat-dog world would definitely stay back from the hideout where they've discovered a mean, green fighting machine. He's intimidating and that intimidation would help me sleep well at night, knowing that he was on look out, keeping the bad guys from doing whatever they wanted to our group of survivors.

3. Saphira

Well, I would take it upon myself to search out the barren wasteland to find anything that could resemble food and any water source. This means I would need to have a bird's eye view of the landscape and for that, I'd love to have Saphira from Eragon (note: I hated the film but the book was really good).

Saphira is not only able to provide the flight though, I'm sure, with her dragon nature, she too could be a huge resource in not only seeing food/water but possibly even smelling it and catching it.

Just like Hulk, she could provide a strong visual presence to our hideout that would stay any unwanted visitors. And just like Batman, I could use her ability to fly to stay out of sight until the very last minute when I would need to strike. Saphira can also breathe fire which could come in handy in more than just one way.

One of the more appealing things about Saphira is the comfort she could provide. Batman is a teacher, Hulk is a monster literally powered by anger, but Saphira is very much a friend and loyal to a fault. She would be the kind of ally that you could carry a conversation with without ever having to bring up how hard things are in their current state of affairs.


There you have it. I know it's a strange list of characters to have, but I tried to put as much thought into it as possible. I like this selection of characters and I would trust them (mostly) to provide everything that me and my family would need to survive the harsh apocalyptic life.

So what did you guys think of my list? Who would your three post apocalyptic allies be and why? Share in your comments below and don't forget to vote in the poll!


Which of these would you want as your post-apocalyptic allies?


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