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Over many years, I have watched thousands of horror films. From "Mars Attacks", to modern films such as "The Conjuring". I don't know why, b
Shayna Kersten
Have you ever wondered what the Apocalypse would be like? Zombies? Aliens? Robots? Or simply running out of vital natural resources? What if it all happened at once? Just imagine it: it's the year 2525. The latest technology has been overridden by aliens and reprogrammed to create toxins to release into the world and then steal our resources. Soon after, the dead are walking, hunting, killing, while soldiers created by the extraterrestrials guard any possible way of getting off of Earth. The human race have been turned into slaves, while the toxins slowly turn those slaves into the dead and heartless. The few percentage of the world that have escaped from slavery go madder and madder each day: killing their friends, family, and fellow survivors. You are one of the escapees and stumble upon a time machine. Half broken, so it can only bring things back from the past. But not legitimate objects or people from the real world, but fictional objects and people! You are able to bring three characters from the past to help you survive the Apocalypse. Ready? Go!

1.) Terminator (The Terminator).

Arnold Schwarzenegger has always been an iconic figure. But his roles in The Terminator seal his #1 position on your team. Why? He gets a thrive from action. There's a very low chance of him going crazy, because he already is. He's humorously persistent, prompt, and very strategic. "Oh, you knocked the weapon out of my hand? No problem, I'll just use my FISTS!" Plus, he's not a terrible looking guy, so that has it's own perks.

2.) Carol Peletier (The Walking Dead).

It's hard to believe that some people won't pick Daryl Dixon for their apocalypse team, which is why everybody does, But I chose Carol. I don't know about you, but if a family member or someone I loved turned into a zombie, I would hesitate to kill them off. I couldn't even look at the flowers if I was about to turn. But Carol has lived through watching her own daughter being chased away, missing for days and then, as a zombie, killed. Sure, she was a bit of a softy in the beginning, but everything bad that happened to her made her into the toughest cookie of them all, including Daryl. Speaking of cookies, that boy better shit his mouth before she has to off him, too. I wonder if for every walker Carol kills, if she imagines killing her husband...

3.) Superman (Man of Steel).

I know, I know: "The original Superman was better than Man of Steel!" well, I'm not playing off of which movie was better, I'm playing off of which character would be better for the Apocalypse. In this version, Superman's past is further revealed and dug into with more emotion. Now, usually one would want a killing machine with no emotion, but think about it: Someone with emotion wouldn't accidentally kill you, they would have a reason. The fact that emotions make people weak, is what makes the modern Superman a lot stronger. As he actually has more than the death of his people and their FilePlanet to fight for. Plus, the only substance related to the mythical "kryptonite" would have been stolen from us by the aliens, so there would be nothing to weaken him. And he can breathe in space so if we need water, he can find another planet that may have it, if said planet actually exists.


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