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This is something I started drawing just for fun, it was like showing the respect and admiration I have for Batman and his 75 anniversary! Since then I've been adding DC Universe sketches and drawings on my Behance page.

During the 7th anniversary celebration, there was a comicbook page contest that provided artists with some cover ideas so we could make our own style/version, so I picked a Hulk vs Batman cover!

The Original Version..
The Original Version..
My Version!
My Version!

The idea was to make a unique version of this cover, my idea was to change Hulk to Hulk 2099 and Batman to Batman Beyond. It was a great experience but I never thought that I would continue to the second round! Do that was it, hahaha just one piece!

First started designing characters and mixing all the styles that I liked the most, such as Mike Parobeck and Bruce Timm, and tried to make my own original one. What I did with the Joker beside mixing these great styles and references was to also go back to the basics and try to give it some essence from The Man Who Laughed (which is where the jocker were created from), the reference was about his personality and also the design.

The technique that I used is from grayscale to color, with some fast brushed style and then just get a softened and defines lighning at the end, something like the samples I'm attaching here.

After getting my tribute done, I saw this Batman vs. Superman trailer which left me amazed and surprised at the same time, specially the part where they showed us the batman totally based on the one Frank Miller drew, who is the one who gave batman his perfect essence in a way the has inspired all artist writers and movie directors to give batman the shape we all want batman to have. From Tim Burton all the way to Christopher Nolan (of course I'm not gonna mention Joel Schumacher, hahah!).

I hope you guys like what I've done - you can see more on my Behance page - HERE - and also follow me on Twitter!


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