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For those of you who are fans of the CW's superhero programs, i am sure you know the popular theory that John Diggle will become John Stewart aka Green Lantern. Recently, as you all know by now, it was confirmed by the show runner that this assumption is not true. The people over at Arrow want to keep the show as grounded in reality as possible, with the exception of some mysticism thrown in (The Lazarus Pit, etc). So why not Green Lantern? The easiest answer is that there is no need to incorporate alien lifeforms into the show. Yes, there are multiple Ferris Air references and even a Hal Jordan reference within the CW Universe but they end at that. Bringing in any type of extraterrestrial would open the door for a much larger storyline but this is not something Arrow wants to delve into. Now, you may be asking yourself "if not Green Lantern, who will Diggle be known as while he is in costume for the upcoming fourth season?" The answer is simple.


Guardian from Young Justice.
Guardian from Young Justice.

Without completely creating a new hero identity for the show, the most simple solution would be to introduce Diggle as Guardian. Yes, Guardian was a white guy originally and, actually, was Roy Harper's (Red Arrow, Arsenal, Speedy) uncle. However, in Young Justice, the cartoon series which only lasted 2 seasons (Why you ask? Who the hell knows. That show was excellent), Mal Duncan became Guardian. Making Guardian black, especially during all of the race disputes taking place across the United States, is good for DC Comics and for the show. John Diggle is a great Character and deserves to hold a mantle of somebody such as Guardian.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Guardian, here are some reasons why Diggle will be perfectly suited to take up the Guardian mantle.

1. Guardian is a human with no superpowers.

2. He excels at hand-to-hand combat.

3. His costume, consisting of a golden helmet and shield (and some type of blue body suit), are his only weapons. This would be easy for the team to create. He looks similar to a knight or sorts. This fact plays perfectly along side of the fact that David Ramsay, the actor who plays Diggle, already established that his character will get some type of chainmail armor and leather in the upcoming season.

Overall, I think it is fairly obvious that Diggle would make an excellent Guardian within the CW Universe. He has the size, strength and tools to make it happen. Keep an eye out for Arrow season 4 to see if this theory pans out.

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