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Before I start with the review of Terminator Genisys, let me preface it with a discussion I've had with several people and a question to you.

The older movies that somehow figure out a way to create a new timeline, a good thing or a bad thing? Star Trek, X-Men, and now Terminator. Honestly i've thoroughly enjoyed the new timelines. The new Star Trek with Chris Pine as Captain Kirk, i feel, was amazing. In regards to X-Men, i'm sure most of us can agree that anything is better than the downhill spiral that X-Men took. And now Terminator Genisys comes along and acts like Rise of the Machines never happened (which, also in my opinion, is a wonderful thing). Salvation was a great apocalyptic movie where machines had taken over, but it was missing something and just wasn't "Terminator" was it the lack of our favorite bulletproof Mechanical Austrian Governor in black rimmed Sunglasses with a sawed off shotgun at his side? Or was it the lack of anticipation of who was the machine going to kill next to finally get his target? Or could it have been we didn't feel we had been told enough of the story? Too much of the story? Or maybe we didn't want to see the machines take over at all, we just wanted to see a constant struggle between man and machine?

Well onto the review of this amazing new timeline in the Terminator Franchise.

To start, the feel of this movie is like a blend of Terminator 1 and 2. It has the thrill and anticipation of the first one and yet it has the comedy aspect of the 2nd film. The movie starts in the future, Humans have won the overall war, but the tiemline must be kept in tact, so John Connor asks for volunteers and as he already knows his father will volunteer, chooses to send Kyle Reese back to save his mother from the terminator sent back to kill her.

Though aged as he is, he still has not lost any of the badassery that is the original Terminator, just a little more wise cracking, but there's a reason for that and you'll find that out in the movie.

The gorgeous Emelia Clarke plays an EXCELLENT battle hardened Sarah Connor

Who continues to fight for her survival, to save the son she hasn't had yet, to fight the impending Mechanical Apocalypse.

Jai Courtney plays Kyle Reese, John Connor's son.

Who volunteers to go back to save Sarah Connor, only to be the one who needs saving. He finds out nothing is what it was supposed to be.

And then there's Jason Clarke who plays the man of the hour John Connor

But he isn't himself, gets to meet his younger mother and tries to convince his parents that the machines are a way to a better life.

Somehow the timeline gets altered, and Sarah Grows up with the knowledge of what is going to happen.

I give this movie my stamp of approval. The writing was wonderful, the acting was superb, and the special effects were outstanding. If you want to see a movie this week, you need to see this one. You really should watch Rise of the Machines first if you haven't seen it yet, as parts of it make way for Genisys. If i had the time i would TOTALLY be going to see this again, and pay attention when you watch it, or else you may miss something.

Also, there is also a credits scene, so stay during the credits. You know me, if it's worth me seeing it twice in theaters, it's worth you seeing it at least once in theaters.


New timelines, good or bad?


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