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A few objections. First, no one gets a training/combat skill advantage over WW. No one. At best, you get comparable training. Superman has trained with and fought against damned near everyone, but in the eternal WW/SM debate no one ever argues that Superman has superior combat skills. That someone on this list might be a comparable combatant is not even worth arguing (well, MAYBE Thanos personally training Gamorea would bring her to that level of her body was on par with WW's, but it isn't).

Supergirl would lose. Superman is not just a kryptonian; he has a long history of training in various arts (including magical defensive ones) that Supergirl just doesn't have. He also trumps her in experience by a factor of ten, and lest we forget basic physics when it comes to muscles he has more. Lest we forget basic biology, mammalian males tend to be larger and have stronger, more efficient muscles than their female counterparts. Ever seen Superman and Supergirl standing side by side? They are made of the same general stuff, but one is twice as big, has more efficient muscles, is 10x better trained, and he's 100x more experienced. No contest.

As several million argumentative nerdrages will attest, Superman vs Wonder Woman is a toss up. That means Supergirl vs Wonder Woman is a very, very entertaining spanking.

The entire rest of the list consists of individuals that I doubt could even see WW moving. Remember, she's *barely* slower than Superman, and Superman is faster than light. Even granting all of the other advantages (which I don't), it'd still be silly. If Batman was as strong as WW but only say 10x faster than he currently is, he would still die between eye blinks without ever knowing what happened to him. Stealth? Come on - WW can hear your heartbeat, much less your footsteps. Psionic attacks vs WW? If WW was right in front of Psylocke on her knees when the bell rang to start the fight, WW's reflexes (which are faster than Superman's) still trump Psylocke's by several orders of magnitude. She would be dead before her mind registered that it was time to attack.

I hate clickbaiting articles. This is silly.


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