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Remember that weird period of time between 2002 and 2006 where it was popular to suggest Jason Bourne was easily better than James Bond? Then Casino Royale came along and we were all jolted from our collective madness! Since establishing itself as one of the most solid and competent trilogies in recent memory, the Bourne series has attempted to evolve organically much as the Bond movies did. Sadly, this was with the form of The Bourne Legacy, where even the title itself was unwelcoming to Jeremy Renner's Aaron Cross, so that likely means we're back to basics for Bourne 5!

Matt Damon is back for Bourne 5!

Despite wowing precisely no one, The Bourne Legacy didn't disappoint at the box office. Alas, Matt Damon is still returning as the iconic Jason Bourne in the as yet untitled Bourne 5. Whether Legacy will be remembered as that one that doesn't really matter, only this fifth installment will tell. The Bourne series is already inching into cynical territory with the established method of throwing the original actor back into the role, so what could be done to ensure this series gets the same longevity that James Bond has enjoyed for so many years?

Ditch the shaky cam

What's even happening here?
What's even happening here?

This the one element of the Bourne movies that has always been made fun of, and despite the series telling competent stories and generally nailing the tone of Robert Ludlum's novels, Paul Greengrass' use of shaky cam has become a troubling sign in modern cinema. Want to know why audiences often come down on the side of Bond films (particularly Craig era)? It's because, despite story disparities, they still show the audience something they want to see. In the pure sense of action spectacle, the Bourne films just don't let the audience enjoy themselves like that.

Sure, it's cool when Jason Bourne blows up an entire house using nothing but some gas pipes, a newspaper and a toaster, but if Bourne 5 could depict that kind of thing in a visually compelling way, it could be even cooler!

Make it an origins story

That way we can bring back Clive Owen!
That way we can bring back Clive Owen!

This suggestion would only kind of work within the established stories of the Bourne movies, given that The Bourne Ultimatum jumps around in time so much that it effectively acts as an origins story itself. We surely couldn't have Matt Damon portray a younger Jason Bourne, what with that first movie being thirteen years ago now, and a full on teen Jason Bourne likely wouldn't be received well either. He'd have to be played by... Logan Lerman. Why not?

Bourne 5 making any kind of jump back in time is unlikely, given that it seems set to be a continuation from where Ultimatum left off, with Julia Stiles reprising her role as Nicky Parsons. There's also been casting speculation surround Alicia Vikander of Ex Machina, and Vigo Mortensen as a villain. Speaking of Vigo Mortensen...

Set it long after Ultimatum

I want to relive the end of The Bourne Ultimatum, having Julia Stiles smile at my supposed death while Moby begins playing out of nowhere. That ending is fun because we knew that there would be more Jason Bourne in future. Alas, that never came to be, until now!

Part of the appeal of the Jason Bourne movies comes from him simply being unable to escape his past. The more tragic element of The Bourne Supremacy emerges from Treadstone's efforts to punish Bourne, and it's generally entertaining to see Jason Bourne dogged by the nigh unstoppable organizations that made him. With Bourne 5 releasing a good nine years after Ultimatum, why not extend that absence further, and make use of the apparent years of freedom Bourne has enjoyed.

Imagine a movie where Bourne was settled down, perhaps even tied up with people who didn't know who he was. That would make the return of Treadstone and the CIA ten times as threatening, and would posit the movie close to something like A History of Violence, which would be a fantastic spin on the Jason Bourne formula. No longer is he on the run and trying to stay hidden, but rather her is simply trying to survive and defend what he has built over the years.

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