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Although I have never been given the opportunity by the Asgardians to visit the mystical 11th realm we call San Diego Comic-Con, I am an avid follower of the event, and I love to "investigate" about it.

Including coolest cosplay, Awesomest Events, Special Limited Edition stuff (I wanna go so bad, if you can't tell), and watching full panels and analysis on YouTube.

Moviepilot is a great place to know all these things, and sometimes they send you those cool collectibles like this one and some awesome MoviePilot sunglasses.


Kind of awesome
Kind of awesome

Now back to my point, I took the time to research some fun facts, as I love to do, and without further blabbing and keeping you from reading my fantastic article...

I know how you're feeling, guys
I know how you're feeling, guys


1. The Golden State Geek Warriors

From its 1970 inception through 1972, the San Diego Comic-Con was originally known as the Golden State Comic Book Convention.

Quite a mouthful, isn't it?

In addition to having a long name, in its first year, the convention was held in the basement of the US Grant Hotel ( named after Ulysses S. Grant, aspresumed by me), and only 300 people attended

2. Panel Diversity was always in the plan

From the very beginning, its panel diversity was in mind.

The founders of SDCC wanted to include everything us awesome people love to obsess about, including Sci-Fi Movies, [Sci-Fi/Fantasy (TV)](tag:719816) and Action Movies, in addition to both television, "motion pictures" and literature.

That has paid off, as the legend could not have been what it is today with out some of those genres, artists, and others like Anime.

2. Cosplay Rules The Halls

If you do comic-con, you do cosplay
If you do comic-con, you do cosplay

Since 1974, Cosplayers have ruled the halls of the Comic Con.

In that very year, the first "Masquerade Ball" (What a stupid, horrible, boring name for how awesome it is now) was held.

It was a fan made contest for best costume and makeup, which would be hard to assemble today, as people who aren't cosplaying are looked at funnily instead of vice versa

3. Documentary Life

Just proving how awesome SDCC is, filmmaker Morgan Sporlock made a rare, non-boring documentary about it.

The documentary included the legends that are Kevin Smith and Seth Rogen, as you can see in the trailer, and is basically the best nonfiction thing I have ever seen, other than this film, which you should really check out

It is done, though, and it is spectacular. It includes a kid who I think is the first Batkid, so yeah.

4. United We Stand

San Diego Comic Con is not just one big convention, you see.

It includes several other cons in it, including the likes of Comic Book Expo, the official trading event of the comic book world, ProCon, an event for the industry's creative professionals, and Con/Fusion, which offers the best in both science fiction.

Another events which I am interested in are Portfolio Review, for inspiring comic creators to get tips and creative criticism for their work by professionals, as well as scouting for major companies to some degree.

The last day is Kid's Day, which offers events and panels solely for kids, who also get in free with a paid admission for an adult.

Since '92, it has held the Comics Art Conference, which is dedicated to the study of comics

5. Expansion

Since the first 300 came to SDCC, its attendee count has been rapidly rising, and it reached its 130,000 maximum people in 2012.

To accommodate its massive increasing size, it may have to move to a larger city. Places such as Anaheim, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles have placed bids.

I don't see why any city wouldn't want its 165 million dollar revenue, especially if it is growing in your city.

6. San Diego TV Set Con

San Diego Comic Con has been featured as a backdrop for several TV shows, including Entourage, Weeds, The O.C., Punk'd, Beauty and the Geek, and The Real World: San Diego.

In addition to that, director Greg Mottola went to massive lengths to "dress up" Albuquerque Convention Center as the floor of SDCC for his sci-fi film Paul.

7. Legends of Kevin Smith

Legend Kevin Smith has made several guest appearances at Comic Con.

In 2007, organizers asked him to perform the Geek State of the Union address to close out Comic-Con Saturday Nights.

Boy, I wish that it had been an annual thing, because I would be monitoring YouTube for days on end to watch it this Superhero packed year.

8. Hollywood Wars

The first Hollywood film to headline a SDCC panel was not a comic-based film.

In fact, it was Star Wars.

Charles Lippencott, its marketing guy, showed slides for the film. That year there was only 3000 attendees.

9. Kirby Attacks!

The late and great Comic Book legend Jack Kirby's 75th birthday party was held in the San Diego.

Interestingly, he was also one of the first celebrity guests, as he was there in the first year.

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