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I myself love watching a good slasher, and by good I mean any that I can find myself enjoying. I thought maybe there could be a chance of me finding something within Charlie's Farm other than Tara Reid to enjoy and judging by some of the Letterboxd reviews I was slightly hopeful. I don't know if I was watching the same film as you guys and I would never judge anyone's own opinion on a movie, but Charlie's Farm was nothing but a putrid 90 minutes of ineffective direction, dumb characters and every overused horror trope mashed into one.

Charlie's Farm has nothing going for it other than a few amusing deaths that stop you from completely turning the film off; It's a horrible watch. Between the annoying cast and the stale dialogue, none of the kills ever actually matter, and when they arrive they happen without any build up or any suspense laced in, it just happens and then it's 5 minutes until you see the next dumb idiot picked off. All of this doesn't start happening until the final half hour of the film of course, and by that time you have lost all interest in the characters, plot or Charlie himself.

I thought perhaps that the film would be enhanced by the brooding presence of Charlie, but no. Charlie is one big massive gimmick, and although he knows how to pull off a good death or two everything else he does is just plain ridiculous. Between watching him go WWE on Kane Hodder's ass and shove a penis down Donkey's throat I can't really say I have much respect of the killer or his strange ways.

Weirdly however, Charlie's Farm reminded me a little of 2013's Texas Chainsaw (both starring Bill Moseley) with the redneck flesh-eating family with the "retarded" son, attacked and killed by the hillbilly locals, the deformed son escaping never to be found to later come back to the home he lived to kill anyone that comes his way. It's all been done before and even Texas Chainsaw proved just that already. Charlie's farm overloads itself with every cliche in the book, every single one being torn apart in films such as Cabin in the Woods; so why has Chris Sun not learned from this? Mentioning Blair Witch, Jason and Freddy doesn't make you "self-aware", it just makes you even dumber for making such stupid mistakes.

All in all Charlie's Farm is what it is, one big 90 minute waste of time. If your looking for a film that tries to find a scream queen within Tara Reid Charlie's Farm might just be for you, but we all know nobody wants that.


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