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You we all have those childhood memories we never forget. I remember the first day I came to school with my hair relaxed. I was in the fourth grade and one of my classmates asked could they touch my hair.... A WTF moment for real.... My hair is straight now... It's still me my friend just with less curly hair.

The mind still boogles to as to why black womens hair fascinates white people. Yes I can wear my hair locks, twists, braids, natural, relaxed, long, short, weaves or wigs... but does how I wear my hair define me? Am I less in touch with my african roots because I choose to relax my hair? Nope. I am proud of my beautiful cropped bob and if at the end of the summer I want long hair I'll rock some braids... Its just hair to me.... Lol

Now let get down to the tea I about to sip. If I am not defined by my hair then why is Superman defined by his power? Or Clark by his gentleness?

Society seem to need to define people? We are either this or that. One can never be more than one thing. You are either black or white, good or evil, with no real room for any gray area.... Yes I am black but I am also Native American and Western European as most African Americans are. Am I any less Native American, Irish or Welsh just because I don't check the white or Native American box. They are my people, some not always from positive circumstances but they are apart of me.

Clark must either be human or alien. You either are us or you aren't us. Some view immigrants the same way. You either do it our way or you won't be like us. It's kinda of sad to think of all that we have knowledge lost because people choose to pick a side. Cultures and Languages lost to time because invaders made people choose your ways or ours.

The need to fit in is strong with us. We grow up with it. We want to be with the cool kids. Being on the outside looking in isn't fun but defining yourself by someone else's idea of "normal"... Who wants to do that?

Yes we all know Superman is strong, but true strength comes from a strength of character. In Truth Superman is less powerful yet he goes to fight a monster that was terrorizing the city. If Superman's only moral grounds to help people is that people think he is only Superman because he is strong.... Why did he go fight that monster? Why if some view him as "not normal" did he stand with the people as the cops showed up?

Did Ma and Pa's life lessons just vanish because the world knows who he is? No. The strength of Superman's character didn't just go up in smoke. If you see injustice you can either stay and fight it or just walk away. And how some are treating him I wouldn't blame him if he did just walk away. He protected you without any thought of praise or glory yet you choose to shun him now because he isn't your idea of "normal".

Civil Rights happened not because one voice spoke up but many. Not just black voices but our white brothers and sister spoke with us.

Superman is loosely based off a massiah character. Did Jesus hang with the rich and power? Did he fist bump Herod when he visited the palace? Or did he hang out with the little man, the worker, the farmer, the sick or the broken. From the least of these.

Clark could have left. Its not my problem. They don't even like me anymore. Go home alien... will bye Felicia. Jesus could have said fuck it at the garden. Father kill them all I am not feeling this dying for people bullshit. They betrayed me, they lied on me, so dying for them just isn't for me. Wouldn't have been so inspiring if that happened. So I ask again why did a depowered Superman go to fight that monster.

He went because he IS STILL SUPERMAN! Clark stood by the people at the block party because Ma and Pa Kent taught him to stand up to injustice. He is Superman in or out of the suit. He is Superman with or without his strength. Superman is more than a cape or nice hook to Darkseid's face. He is Clark with or without his glasses. He is not defined by our ideas about that is normal. He wouldn't be so inspiring if he was.

Underneath both Superman and Clark there is Kal-El; the side no one sees save a few. The side of him that doesn't fit into your will check boxes. He is not one of us, because he is what we strive to be. He never been one of us, so he can show us a better way. He is not of our kind because viewing from the outside helps lead.

I am not my hair and Superman well he is more that just his power. Now check that little box that says tea please... Hehe

PS. Kisses to Superman for embracing himself.... finally.


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