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Last week, adults once again shed tears in memory of Mufasa when video editor Ryan Shukis recut The Lion King trailer to give it a modern emotional twist. However, if you were left unmoved by the death of a beloved animated lion, then maybe the almost death of a bunch of lovable animated toys will break that stoney heart instead?

In what appears to be becoming a series of videos, Skukis took the three Toy Story movies and combined them together in another 'modern trailer.' The playful humor and action associated with the Toy Story franchise is gone, and now we're plunged head first into a deep pool of emotions, sad dialogue and stirring music.

Take a look at Shukis' modern trailer makeover below:

How Does It Compare to the Originals?

It's been 20 years since Toy Story was first released (damn, that makes me feel old), and in that time trailers have also gone through several stages of evolution. With this mind, let's take a wistful wander down the movie memory lane and remind ourselves of the original trailers for the Toy Story Trilogy:

Toy Story

1995's trailer now looks like a relic from the past, especially once its bombastic, over-excited voiceover kicks in to explain what we're seeing on screen. It's also interesting to note that the vast majority of this trailer includes scenes from early in the film, which runs contrary to the modern tendency to include snippets from all the major beats and set pieces of the movie. Furthermore, it concerns itself primarily with the comic elements of the original Toy Story and the more kiddie-friendly environment of Andy's room. There is hardly any reference to the despondency and insecurity that would later befall both Woody and Buzz.

Of course, this isn't surprising when you consider Disney was trying to establish a new franchise with unknown characters.

Toy Story 2

1999's Toy Story 2 did things a little differently from the original trailer. Although a voiceover still exists, it's greatly reduced with the onscreen action, character dialogue and title cards being used to explain the story. It also seems to be more orientated to the action sequences of the sequel, setting the film up as more of a caper/action adventure. It's also worth noting the trailer also reveals what new supporting toys will be introduced to the film (Barbie, Mrs. Potato Head, etc.), while Jessie, who is one of the most important characters in Toy Story 2, is hardly seen at all.

Toy Story 3

By the time 2010's Toy Story 3 rolled round, even more had changed. Mr. Voiceover has apparently been laid off, as the trailer now tells the story purely through the visual elements and title cards. What's more, this trailer ramps up the emotional element of the film, which is even more pertinent considering it's the last film in the sequel. The use of early 'footage' of Andy as well as the Randy Newman soundtrack in the first third of the trailer also piles on the nostalgia and harks back to the two previous movies in the franchise.


Which is your favorite Toy Story trailer?

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