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When Batman vs Superman was first announced, one of the earliest questions asked by comicbook laymen was, "Why are Batman and Superman fighting? Aren't they both good guys?"

With Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice due to arrive in theaters next year, we're still not entirely sure what the answer to this question is. Is Bruce Wayne just jealous a new superhero is in town? Does he have problems with Superman's modus operandi? Does he have personal issues with Supes?

Well, according to Entertainment Weekly, it might be a combination of these factors. In fact, unbeknownst to Superman, our flying hero from Krypton may have inadvertently pissed off Batman while trying to save the world in Man of Steel, as it seems the massive rumble between Superman and Zod may have led to some collateral damage affecting Wayne Industries. Ben Affleck told EW:

One of the things I liked was Zack’s idea of showing accountability and the consequences of violence and seeing that there are real people in those buildings. And in fact, one of those buildings was Bruce Wayne’s building so he knew people who died in that Black Zero event.

So, essentially, it looks like Bruce Wayne may have lost friends and colleagues in a situation which partly resulted from the actions (or inactions) of Superman. With Zod gone, Batman now only has Superman to blame for this.

Watch some of the destruction of Metropolis below:

The unexpected repercussions of our actions appears to be one of the main themes being explored by Zack Snyder. In the same interview with EW, the director reveals he intends to approach comicbook movies in a different way from "other superhero movies". He stated that he intends to count the dead of the Battle of Metropolis in Batman vs Superman, while the victims of that catastrophe are a major factor in Batman's animosity towards Superman. He adds:

There are other superhero movies where they joke about how basically no one’s getting hurt,. That’s not us. What is that message? That’s it’s okay that there’s this massive destruction with zero consequence for anyone? That’s what Watchmen was about in a lot of ways too. There was a scene, that scene where Dan and Laurie get mugged. They beat up the criminals. I was like the first guy, I want to show his arm get broken. I want a compound fracture. I don’t want it to be clean. I want you to go, ‘Oh my God, I guess you’re right. If you just beat up a guy in an alley he’s not going to just be lying on the ground. It’s going to be messy.

I can understand his criticism to a certain extent. In The Avengers, New York City was invaded by a massive trans-dimensional alien army. They ploughed through buildings like were made of paper and must have killed hundreds of thousands of people - even if it wasn't shown on screen. Although the event is referenced in other Marvel films and television shows (especially Daredevil), the real human consequences of the battle are not really explored in a mature or meaningful way.

Of course, this might be fine for Marvel, as it has always adhered to a lighter and more comic tone than DC, but apparently Snyder wont flinch from facing the issue head on in Batman Vs. Superman.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is due to arrive in theaters on 25 March 2016.

Source: EntertainmentWeekly


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