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Star Trek lead, Chris Pine, has been involved in many rumors about him joining DC Cinematic Universe in major roles, none of which have been confirmed. According to rumors, Chris Pine is having trouble decide picking between two major DC characters to play on the big screen. Now who are these two characters, you may ask?

Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor
Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor is an intelligence officer who meets Wonder Woman during World War II when his plane crashes on Paradise Island. Diana nurses him back to health and falls in love with him, following him back to the normal world when he leaves, becoming his coworker, Diana Prince, who, as you know, also moonlights as a totally badass superhero. BirthMoviesDeath reports, according to one of their sources close to Pine, that the actor is up for Steve Trevor who is a substantial player in Wonder Woman's story which may be explored in the stand-alone Wonder Woman movie we are going to be seeing. As for the other character, we all know him as...

Hal Jordan's Green Lantern

Could Pine be Green Lantern?
Could Pine be Green Lantern?

When just a boy, Hal witnessed his greatest nightmare—his pilot father dying in a tragic plane crash. Nevertheless determined to follow in his footsteps, Hal repressed his fears, becoming a reckless, defiant test pilot. But when a dying alien crashes on Earth, the irresponsible Hal is chosen to be that alien’s successor in the Green Lantern Corps, a universe-wide peacekeeping force over 3,600 members strong. The most recent news inform us that Pine will be playing Green Lantern in the upcoming reboot and as part of the Justice League Part One movie. BirthMoviesDeath's sources indicate that Pine favors the role of Lantern of Trevor which makes complete sense. Why be a side character, when you can a full fledged superhero? Having your own superhero franchise is far more appealing than being a supporting character in someone else's, in this case, Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman's story. Hopefully, Pine will show up at San Diego Comic-Con to confirm these rumors.

And before anything else, these are just RUMORS and NOTHING has been confirmed yet. Thank you for reading!

Source: Cinemablend, DCComics


What do you think? Is Pine more likely to play Trevor or Jordan as Green Lantern?


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