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Horror is my favorite genre, slashers to be more specific. I like other as well like Annabelle or the conjuring but slashers hold a special
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So while on Netflix i was searching for a few horror movies that i have never seen before so i could write a blog about them and recommend some of them to you, so i added a few movies to my list and i asked my fiance what movie she'd rather watch first, she left it at two choices this one or another, so i picked this one because it seemed interesting enough. If you haven't seen it i'm about to spoil it hardcore so.... Yeah. Anyway, this movie stars Nicole Kidman, she plays a mother of 2 during World War 2, her husband is away at war and she is left to raise the children on her own in a very large house. The start of the movie shows 3 people walking to the house, they are there to apply for housekeeping jobs, nothing out of the ordinary. Her children have an illness where they can't be exposed to sunlight so the house needs to stay dark when her kids are in the area, she is very religious and has he children read and learn of god everyday so she doesn't believe in ghosts. The little girl swears that she keeps seeing a little boy named Victor and an old lady, her movies won't believe it until she herself gets a scare, so she then has the house and grounds keepers to search the whole house and they find nothing.

She then try's to make her way to the village to get the priest to come and bless the house, but the fog won't let her and instead of the village she finds her husband who has been gone at war for years, they both go back to the house, talk, have sex and he disappears again. I want so badly to tell you how the movie ends but i fear it will ruin it if you decide to watch it... Then again the video i posted along with it gives it away so i guess i'll tell you.

At the end of the movie you find out the old woman that the little girl saw was a medium and she was trying to contact the dead, the family then find outs that Nicole Kidman smothered her children and then shot herself, the people they thought were ghosts were actually the family who bought the house after them. It's kind of a mind rape, i suggest watching it for yourself, i think it's really good and i'm surprised that i have never seen it until now.

The other movie we watched was called Truth or Die and if you've ever seen Would You Rather, it's kinda like that but made in the UK and not as well made, i can't say it's the worst movie I've ever seen but it's not the best. I'd say if your bored and have nothing else to do, maybe then you should watch it otherwise don't waste your time... That's what i'm here for i guess to help and warn you.


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