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This is the way that I would make a Green Lantern film. Enjoy!

Tone/Film Cast

Don't diss the sonic
Don't diss the sonic

Sorry if this makes no sense, I'm just brainstorming

What we've seen and what we're expecting from DC so far is a dark, monochromatic vision of bleariness. They know that they will never compete with Marvel on the humor front, but with the DCCU expected to come into it's own with some big, blockbuster films, they will be missing one thing: one-liners.

I think that the Green Lantern is not a toned-down monochromatic character. The humor is a much needed thing in the DCCU, and they can keep that toned-down thing with one non-serious character. Easily.

If they are looking for this, make John Stewart that Green Lantern. But, you know, there is Hal Jordan on the table here. And in 2020, Ryan Reynolds' will be Deadpool, and his Hal is long most likely gone.

There are so many other Green Lantern's that they have on the board, so why not use all of them in a Corps.-like scenario.

A Guardians-style team-up could be something DC needs, since how I want DC to handle Green Lantern is to NOT have him in the first two Justice League films


This could be in favor of my second favorite character in DC, Martian Manhunter. He has been under utilized so often. SOOOOOOOOO often. He could fit right in to the monochromatic scenario, and save GL for when they are ready to introduce some humor. I'd love for The Flash to be that character, but probably not.

Now back to the characters.

We could use some older, more experienced GLs like Hal, John, and Guy, and have Kyle Rayner in it in the way Hal was in the GL fail.

The experience between those two/ three could serve DC well, as they are also rumored to use an experiences Batman. If they use Kyle, they could do anything they want with that character.

I know this is a lot to take in and a ton of new characters to introduce, so you can just not include Mr Rayner and have John as that kind of character if they actually want to have him as their main cinematic GL.

If Chris Pine is their Hal, they could use a one-two punch as well. If they are using Kyle and Guy, use expendable actors. Sinestro will be the main villain, but they can easily explore the GL-YL thing in a briefing of sorts.

I would use Sinestro as a character that they will have for years to come, and a name behind that character that could attract moviegoers just 'cause of it.

They could use Guy as a Coulson of sorts that dies in a battle and inspires the other two/three to go an whip Sinestro's ass.

Kyle will not be a main focus, just a guy on the sidelines in case they need him, especially because the plan in my mind is to use the one-two punch of Hal and John in the ever-expanding and rotating Justice League.

Another possibility is the character of Simon Baz, but they aren't likely to use him.



There has been a lot of speculation recently about Chris Pine as Hal Jordan and I don't disagree. And I don't disagree with Tyrese Gibson as John Stewart. But with those two characters in the mix, why not throw in some more:


This character is perfect for him Joel McHale, a cocky dude who won't have much of a future in the long-term, especially because he won't last into the second act.

This is a stash and keep character, with an actor who also doesn't do much. He kinda looks the part.



Well, you may be saying : HE'S MAGNETO!!!!!!!!

But, with the not-so-recent rumors that the X-Men: First Class universe may be ending, he may have an extra opening for a franchise in the still-rising actor's slate.

He can portray this kind of character very easily, and if you don't believe me, go watch X-Men: First Class.

And just look at my horrible photoshop. He looks the part.

Part One of Two

I'll get more into this later


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