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danny bauch it interesting jamie lee curtis star's as a forensic psychologist , Jennifer love Hewitt stars as a Homicide Detective and becomes a close friend of sidney 's well Gale is the mayor of woods borough . Dewey is the chief of Detectives . Hicks is promoted to sgt Detective and works the case along sided with homicide Detective Kate Rollins as Jennifer love Hewitt . Christina Ricci plays the daughter of det kate rollins , John Karna plays Noah Foster a high school student that was transfer to woods borough high school because his mother the Forensic psychologist moved to California as the storyline . Connor Weil plays a senior high school student who also transfer to woods borough and has a dark school file from lakewood , Bella Thorne plays a whole different character in the movie but is still a high school student .spencer clark play's a popular news reporter .and yes is bi-course but is tough as hell Meta Golding play's a second news reporter that harass sidney about each death and Det Rollins gives her a wondering not to bother sidney again . Gale in her office get stab then raped then this is where Dr Whitney jamie lee curtis talks with gale but gale yells at her to leave she leave's Dr Whitney then she gets attacked this is where sidney gets put into witness protection . in the beginning of the movie Det Rollins , sgt det hicks and chief of detectives get called to a brutal stab scene where a student a is stab and murder with a note saying Revenge for Cotton weary

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