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A 'Scream' tv show might not be what fans have been asking for but here are a few IMPORTANT reasons of why you should be watching MTV Tuesdays 10/9c LIVE!

1. It's based off the 'Scream' franchise

Without the iconic title Scream the tv show might have not gotten those 6 million viewers it scored which is a very great start. Yet, many of you think it's stupid to have made 'Scream' a tv show but saying that is like saying master of suspense 'Wes Craven' along with all the other execs are stupid! Which is WRONG. These people know what they're doing and know WHY they're doing it.

Many people think "I'm just not gonna wait until another movie..." but guess what? THERE WILL NOT BE ANOTHER MOVIE IF THE TV SHOW IS CANCELLED WHICH IS WHY THIS IS BEYOND SERIOUS! But overall, the series will be a hard one to knock down given the tremendous fanbase that made trend in second place on twitter.

It may not be what you asked for but the tv show promises to bring us what was so special in the movies (that horror-comedy aspect) and make it into something fresh we've have never-before seen along with similar characters from the original movie.

2. Number of viewers can show the Weinsteins that fans want another 'Scream' movie

With the pilot episode having terrified 6 million viewers and Bob Weinstein being an executive producer, the possibilities of the show being renewed for another season and the possibilities for another scream movie are even higher! However, if it struggles through the season, things might go in another direction which is why we need to convince others to keep watching!

3. It has POTENTIAL!

Many shows like the The Walking Dead and Bates Motel have the potential to push things into new directions that will take everything to a whole new level and it may be hard for one to imagine but, the 'Scream' tv series is A LOT like those other tv shows that will give us enough in every episode and keep you wanting more at the same time which is what makes it good.

Already in the pilot episode, we are introduced to various of secrets and lies that everyone is keeping from one another and the backstory that the mysterious town of 'Lakewood' holds which ties into the past of Emma's (main character) mother. Yet, lots of shows to this day struggle to have a backstory and make sense of the things that are happening but 'scream' is a complete different story. We can already make sense of the events that are going on in the show and predict what future episodes much like the movies will deliver.

4. There is a 'ghostface' killer

Unlike the movies where a costume from a 'shop' is used, the tv series captures an iconic figure Brandon James a disfigured boy from 20 years ago who fell in love with the main character's mother Daisy is just over the top amazing because it gives everything an original touch and separates it from the world the movies were originally centered in which means that there can be more scream movies without having the interruptions from the events that can be taking place in the series bringing the world of this franchise to a higher level and making it a lot more popular.

5. Wes Craven is one of the executive producers of the show!

Wes Craven is not only a horror director but he was also the one who brought and made the "Scream" franchise into what it is today which is why we should be expecting A LOT from his creative works in this horror tv series that will keep you screaming at the edge of your seat.

6. It breaks down the rules of tv much like what 'Scream 1996' did with movies!

In the pilot episode, a film geek "Noah" breaks down then rules of how to make 'horror movies' into 'tv shows' much like how he puts it "You can't make a slasher movie into a tv series..." these days however, we've got shows like "Bates Motel" and "The Walking Dead" on tv.

The difference between movies and tv shows is like Noah puts it, "Tv needs to stretch things out..." and that lets the audience know that there wont be instant killings at every turn to take things into new directions because that's not what this tv series is about. It's about exploring the many different characteristics that ties around the story.

The Scream movies on the other hand featured "Randy" the character "Noah" (from the series) is inspired by which is what gave that familiar touch from the movies because it's better to have that character that can break down the shows intentions of what can come next, giving us another reason to why we should be tuning in.

7. You won't see who is next to get a STRIKE!

It's hard to tell whether we will know who will go or who won't but one of the co-execs of the show has confirmed that they will make things unpredictable and that we will know for certain if a character will die depending on the particular situations they come face to face with which makes everything pretty fun to watch.

8. Kevin Williamson MIGHT join the show!

With two of his shows cancelled The Following and Stalker and having only one in cable TV which he's not a part of (The Vampire Diaries) still rolling, Williamson being the creator of the 'Scream' franchise should be welcomed in becoming part of the tv series which would not only make it better than what it already is but also attract lots of his fans that are fascinated by his works bringing everything to a positive note if things tend to turn upside down.

What would you like to see in future episodes of the #1 SHOW OF THE SUMMER? Comment below!


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