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1. Storm (X-Men)

Ororo Munroe is a triple threat and all round power house that I want on my side in any situation. Just to start out with those weather control powers are massively powerful but in a specific situation where there is little water around what more could you want than someone that can make it rain on command?

Beyond the obvious with Storm you have her leadership abilities as she lead the X-Men for pretty much all of the 80s and that is a team that included Wolverine! The final thing that Storm has going for her is she is a master of hand to hand combat. In single combat Storm is more than a match for anyone and she took control of the Morlocks specifically by beating their leader, Callista in a no powers knife fight.

2. The Driver (Drive)

When you are zipping about the wasteland of the future a specialist behind the wheel is what you need and with that in mind it is hard to look past The Driver. Bringing along his mechanical skills as well is nothing to sniff at either, you just know you can't rely on your machinery to keep working when the bad guys are on your tail. The Driver also doesn't mind beating a fool to death so there is that too, no passengers (apart from me) on this team!

3. Britt (The Magnificent Seven)

Fastest man in the west with a gun or a knife, what else do I need to say? When everything goes to hell, the chips are down and any other metaphor you can come up with this is the guy you want in a fight.


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