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Amanda Pender

Scene: The year is 2134, and the post-apocalyptic landscape that had been the backdrop of so many of your favorite films has now become your world. Water is scarce, the deserts are endless and there is a steady stream of deranged outlaws on your tail. To stay alive and maintain any hopes of rebuilding civilization you've got to team up with the absolute best.

First: Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead)

Besides being some nice eye candy Daryl is a survivor. He knows how to survive in the toughest of situations. He is also very loyal to his friends which makes him valuable to the team.

Second: Oliver Queen (DC Comics)

Again some more eye candy but he's also got some of the best survival skills. I mean come on he did spend 5 years on a hellish island and made it back alive. This man knows how to survive in the harshest of elements and situations.

Third- Sarah Connor (Terminator Series)

One of the most bad ass women to ever grace the movie screen. She is a mother which means she's a natural protector. She's gone from timid adult to one bad ass leader and warrior. She would be someone I would want on my side.


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