ByRicky Sickels, writer at
Ricky Sickels

In the post apocalyptic world of 2134, survival is the only option. So it's best to have some badass buddies to achieve maximum potential of that goal. My team would consist of these three particularly adept survivors.

Geralt of Rivea

Besides living through the mutations that turned him into a Witcher, this guy has spent the better part of 80 years hunting down monsters and humans of a less than savory nature. He has serious tracking skills and can take on mobs of soldiers. Muscle: check.

Loki of Asgard

For obvious reasons, ^ this guy. Millennia of experience around the battlefield, plus being a master of magic and illusion make Loki an indispensable addition to any team. He has little to no regard for human life and create chaos out of any situation in mere minutes without much forethought or planning. Brains: check.


Not everything can be about muscle in the apocalypse, sometimes you need a band-aid instead of a beating. Equipped with over ten thousand medical procedures and the ability to fly, Baymax would be crucial to have around when the shit hits the fan. Healthcare companion: check.


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