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The official Star Wars Facebook page just gave us some incredible breaking news!

The next Star Wars Anthology (Spin-off) film will surround our favorite intergalactic scoundrel...

Han Solo!

The movie will be directed by Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, who are best known for bringing to life The LEGO Movie, 21 Jump Street and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Both of these guys are amazing actors and will bring justice to Captain Solo.

Phil and Chris will rock this movie!
Phil and Chris will rock this movie!

The screenplay has already been written by Lawrence and Jon Kasdan. Lawrence is known for writing the screenplays for The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi and Raiders of the Lost Arc. Jon is Lawrence's son. They have both worked together on a few projects and are sure to bring a lot to the table.

Lawrence Kasdan
Lawrence Kasdan

It will be produced by Kathleen Kennedy, who has said she simply cannot wait two discover what the team of directors and the family of writers bring to the table! She is also the producer for all of the other upcoming Star Wars sequels, and has previously produced other films such Schindler's List, Back to the Future and Jurassic Park.

Kathleen Kennedy
Kathleen Kennedy

The premise is as follows:

"The story focuses on how young Han Solo became the smuggler, thief, and scoundrel whom Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi first encountered in the cantina at Mos Eisley"

Are You Excited?!

We are getting a Han Solo origin movie! I, for one, cannot wait. There is still no word on who will play the Captain of the Millenium Falcon, but still! It is going to be good! Right?

We still have Star Wars VII and VIII, and Star Wars: Rogue One before then too!

The movie is slated for May 25, 2018.



Are you excited for a Han Solo movie?!


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