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A Han Solo Star Wars anthology film has been announced, and that right there is my reaction.

I am so excited for this film, and I'm thinking of some directions it could take.

But first: How will they make them?

An anthology film about old Han wouldn't be very interesting, especially because fans want to know what happened to Han and all the original trilogy characters between Episode VI and VII.

So, here is my shortlist of actors who could portray Han during those years

Chris Pratt

The most obvious choice for the role, Mr. Pratt has been rumored to replace Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones for a long time, and I was already interested in what he could do with that type of character

He has the same charisma needed for the character, and has the same comedic timing and kickass fighting skills needed to portray Mr. Solo

I think this is one more franchise for Chris Pratt to reinvigorate after coming off of the largely succesful Jurassic World.

I think Chris Pratt would do amazing in this role and I need to see it this instant!

Christian Bale

I think Bale could definitely bring something to this franchise, especially if they are doing a gap years arc, because he is a bit older than my other "contenders"

He can do some comedy acting, which we saw in American Hustle, and he can basically do anything action after he was Batman.

The best Batman portrayal to date, in my opinion

Michael Fassbender

Another Marvel vet, Mr. Fassbender has recently become one of my favorite Hollywood actors, that is why if I'm doing a fancast, I think of him for nearly any role.

He definitely has the comedic chops and action skills to do the role, but he also has the star talent type thing that the movie may need.

He is pretty booked up with major franchises right now, but some of his independent films showcase the dramatic acting that the franchise might use

And my backups...

Karl Urban

With a history of playing rugged roles, Urban definitely can portray Han.

He has the action skills and plenty of charisma, and doesn't quite have a leading role in a franchise right now, so I'd personally love to see him in this movie

Lee Pace

Another dude who's just begging to hit it big, Lee Pace is a multifaceted actor with plenty of good looks and charisma for the character, and has some acting chops worthy of noticing as well

Extra Tidbit: Andy Serkis as Chewbacca???


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