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I went ahead and spoiled myself (that sounds terrible) this morning by watching the Spanish-language Ant-Man TV spot. If you haven’t seen it, be forewarned. I’m going to mention in the list below and you will be spoiled if you read it.

I’m also going to suggest four other ways Marvel’s Ant-Man will connect to the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some are rumor, others complete conjecture.

One caveat: I try to avoid as many spoilers as possible, so there are likely some juicy ones out there. Those may contradict some of the ideas I’ll present. Or my theories might already exist as true-fact spoilage easily discovered on the Interwebs. I get it. You get it. We all get it.

With that out of the way, let’s say once more, there are spoilers ahead - and potential spoilers - so if you don’t want to know, stop here.

Cap and Bucky crawl their way into 'Ant-Man'
Cap and Bucky crawl their way into 'Ant-Man'

An impressionable Hank Pym meets Captain America

Okay, here’s the thing. If you don’t want spoiled, don’t visit IMDb. If you do, you’ll discover that Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan and Hayley Atwell all show up in Ant-Man. You also see that - at least on IMDb - Stan is credited as Bucky Barnes and not the Winter Soldier.

Doesn’t mean he won’t show up as the Winter Soldier, but with Atwell's Peggy Carter in the mix, my guess is we get a glimpse of Cap and Bucky back in action in World War II.

There’s also a character named “Young Pym.” Can we assume, then, that Hank Pym has a run in with the MCU’s version of ‘The Invaders’ in the mid-1940s? Could that meeting prove to be the inciting incident that compels Pym to create the Ant-Man persona?

This would also help seal Pym’s connection to the original Avengers.

John Slattery as Howard Stark
John Slattery as Howard Stark

An angry Hank Pym has a falling out with Stark Industries

Why isn’t Pym more involved with The Avengers and Stark Industries in the MCU? After all, in the comics, Pym is a founding member of the Avengers.

Here’s why. Pym, a brilliant scientist, doesn’t get along with Howard Stark.

We know John Slattery returns as the older Howard Stark in Ant-Man. We have to assume that Stark and Pym work together - or attempt to - somewhere down the line. After all, they are two of the most brilliant minds in the MCU (especially with Reed Richards’ brain under the control of Fox).

Likely they'll disagree on a few things. Maybe a million things. (Likely they help create some of the technology that will allow Tony Stark to build Ultron.) Eventually they stop talking to one another and refuse to work together.

This falling out distances Pym from Stark and everything Stark is connected to.

Including the SSR and, eventually, SHIELD and the Avengers Initiative.

Anthony Mackie as Falcon
Anthony Mackie as Falcon

Falcon captures Scott Lang in the act

Remember how I said I spoiled myself with a Spanish-language version of an Ant-Man TV spot? This would be that.

In it, which you can see here, we get a half-second glimpse of Anthony Mackie in full Avengers Falcon garb.

Now, smart money is on Falcon showing up to recruit Ant-Man to the new Avengers. But what if we get a twist? What if it’s Falcon who captures Lang during a heist and delivers him to the authorities?

It would show how the Avengers are becoming more of a super-police force and would help set the tone for [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409).

Will 'Ant-Man' name-drop Spider-Man?
Will 'Ant-Man' name-drop Spider-Man?

Spider-Man makes his MCU debut in 'Ant-Man'

Before you get your replies ready, I’m not suggesting by any means that Spider-Man shows up on screen in Ant-Man. Tom Holland was cast just a couple weeks ago (maybe less).

I am suggesting that he could be referred to in Ant-Man, which would make the movie the true MCU debut of the wall-crawler.

After all, the deal was struck in February 2015. Plenty of time to dub a line, add a scene and so on.

Here’s why I think this is possible. The fact that there is both an Ant-Man and a Spider-Man running around is enough for Falcon to make a quip about “superheroes named after insects” or "isn't there already a guy with an insect name swinging around New York?"

And that’s it. That’s all you’ll need to have fans going gonzo.

Ant-Man arrives too late to stop 'Civil War'

This one is pure conjecture, of course, but the end credits tag I would love to see is Scott Lang, called into action by his new friend, Falcon, arriving on the scene to a major battle a little too late.

Let me elaborate.

Picture a quinjet landing at Pym Technologies (is it called that? I dunno) to pick up Lang in his Ant-Man persona. Lang is flown halfway around the world to Wakanda where he is meant to assist Cap and his New Avengers in a battle with Crossbones and Hydra.

As the quinjet comes over the horizon to the battle zone, Lang and the pilot see the incident that causes the world to rethink the role superheroes play in society. An explosion unlike anything you have ever seen, devastating a populous part of Wakanda and causing mass collateral damage. Lang is left speechless.

Now, when you go to see Civil War, you’ll know the opening scene is leading up to this moment. You’ll have already immersed yourself in that world. You know what’s coming. And you somehow hope it can be diverted. But really want to know how it could have happened in the first place.


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