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The Nostalgia Critic (Doug Walker) is known for ripping terrible movies a new asshole and providing eloquent, and profound analyses on films in general. Yet, his easily flustered personality and comedic tendencies are what viewers know him most for. And since he began reviewing movies in 2008 he's won over a legion of fans, and many of his videos have surpassed one million hits.

Since his show first began its original platform has greatly evolved. Instead of critiquing movies solely, he's now joined by a band of regular cast mates: Malcolm Ray, Tamara Chambers, and sporadic guest stars (Maurice LaMarche, Mara Wilson, Dante Basco, and so on....) to act in his skit/review videos.

Despite being online for almost a decade there's still many features he hasn't touched upon, and these ten movies are just some I'd like to see him critique. So, here are 10 Movies The Nostalgia Critic Should Review. Why Top Ten? Because I like to go a step backwards....

10. Beetlejuice

In the past he's repeatedly spoken fondly of Beetlejuice. Yet, were he and his crew to dedicate an entire review to the movie.... One of Tim Burton's classics, Beetlejuice is about a married couple who die in a car accident and are simultaneously adjusting to deceased life, and unwanted guests who've recently purchased their home. As a last resort they consult an insane and flamboyant bio-exorcist named Beetleguese who's desperate to be freed and wreck terror on Earth.

9. Seed of Chucky

It is considered to be the worst installment of the Child Play series. Seed of Chucky continued this saga with Chucky and Tiff reuniting and discovering they have a deformed, gender confused son named Glen, Glenda or Shitface. They get thrown into the world of Hollywood and see Jennifer Tilly as their salvation into becoming human again, or for their child the very first time. Its social commentary and satire of the film industry selling out and producing trash is as ironic as the pot calling the kettle black.

8. Scream

Scream was quite a revolutionary film in the 90's. It took many risks: such as releasing during the Christmas season (uncommon for horror pictures), killed one of its A-listers right in the beginning of the movie and single-handedly revived terror films. While it poked fun at common horror tropes it also paid homage to past scary features.

7. The Simpsons Movie

This film had been in production for years before being finally released in 2007. It was a critical and commercial success, but it came out during a time when fans were criticizing the show to be or had been declining in quality. Anyone who has seen Walker's Simpsons videos knows he regards the show as a comedic influence and highly reveres it (well, pre-millennial Simpsons anyway). So, it'd be interesting to hear his two cents on it. I think it'd also be awesome that if they did review it'd be done in Simpsons-esque animation.

6. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Want a musical with a flying car, whistle candy, Dick Van Dyke, a man child king, a creepy child snatcher, and a song that never leaves your head?! No? Oh... Actually, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a surreal 60's musical that wallows in absurdity, but is overly charming and enjoyable to watch. It's one of those films that if you don't take it seriously you'll have a better time viewing it. Knowing Walker appreciates musicals it'd be intriguing to hear his thoughts on the picture as some people feel mixed about it.

5. Garfield Tale of Two Kitties

If the first movie wasn't bad enough its sequel will definitely make us solidify our beliefs that Hollywood doesn't actually give a fuck when it comes to entertainment as long as it sells. This sequel was an ungodly mutated blend of Prince and the Pauper meets The Aristocats. Garfield goes to England and meets another cat whose identical in appearance. So, they decide to swap places and chaos ensues. It's on many "Worst Films" lists, and is generally disliked (as imagined).

4. The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle

One of many nostalgic cartoons that was turned into a live action film during the 2000's. This film was about the late 50's duo Rocky and Bullwinkle who've been cancelled for over thirty years. They're brought into horrible computer generated reality by an FBI agent named Karen Sympathy so they can stop Boris, Natasha and Fearless Leader's (who've also entered the real world) insidious and banal plan of brainwashing the masses through TV.

People who've seen the movie have complained that it has too many pointless celebrity cameos, terrible writing, horrible special effects and demeaned these classic cartoon characters. It also didn't make half its budget in box office revenue.

3. Clerks

This 1994 surprise hit gave a sardonic voice to under appreciated clerks everywhere. It put Kevin Smith on the map and was highly praised for its sharp wit, existential commentary and colorful cast of deadbeats. Some say it's overrated while others insist it's a cultural masterpiece.

2. Dude, Where's My Car?

This 2000 epic chronicles two intrepid stoners named Jesse and Chester who are on a quest to figure out what occurred the night prior. They come across a transgender stripper, aliens, copious amounts of pudding, Andy Dick, and throughout their majestic adventure one of our heroes finds himself asking the ever befuddling, and profoundly existential question, "dude, where's my car?"

1. Cool World

Many people describe this film as an adult version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but without any of the innovation, humor or even a coherent story line. Ralph Bashki first pitched this as a horror animated movie, and judging by its early storyboards Cool World seemed to be heading in the right direction.

That is until Frank Mancuso Jr. had the screenplay rewritten without Bakshi's consent and the result was a film entirely different from his initial concept. Cool World ended being about an animated femme fatale called Holli Would who wants to be human and tricks a comic illustrator into helping her, but Detective Frank Harris is determined to stop her before she throws Cool World and the human realm into disorder.

Cool World received mainly negative reviews and only made back half of its money.


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