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The apocalypse has come. The world is in ruins and alliances must be made. This brings up the very important question: "Who should I team up with?"

Given the hypothetical situation that the end of days has come and I can choose anyone from any reality to be on my Armageddon Team then I would choose Garnet from the Cartoon Network show, Steven Universe, Batman, and Saint Walker of The Blue Lantern Corps.

Allow me to Explain.


Garnet is a sentient space rock from a place called Homeworld. She would be the perfect member for a Post-Apocalyptic team for several reasons. Garnet's body is an illusion and while she can feel pain and be injured, if she is fatally injured, her body will retreat back into her gems and her body will be regenerated good as new.

Also, she gets all of her energy from her gems and therefore, doesn't need to eat, drink, or sleep. However, she does occasionally need to take a break. Her powers consist of shapeshifting, fusing with other Gems even though she is a fusion herself, incredible strength, speed, and stamina, the summoning of her gauntlets, and future vision, which gives her the ability to see different possible outcomes of the future. Not only is she wise and a total ass-kicker, she can also protect her team from any possible danger to come before it even happens.


Batman would be a perfect teammate for the Apocalypse for obvious reasons. Batman is trained extensively in multiple forms of martial arts, has a ton of gadgets, is a very skilled detective, and just an all around badass. His position on the team would obviously be head ass-kicker, but his gadgets and detective skills would help tremendously in finding essential supplies and equipment.

Saint Walker

Saint Walker is at the head of the Blue Lantern Corps. He has the ability to instill great hope within others. His Blue Lantern power ring also doesn't need to recharge as it is powered by the hope throughout the universe, so the lack of hope on earth after the Apocalypse wouldn't be a problem. Although for a Blue Lantern to be fully effective a Green Lantern must be present. But that simply isn't the case here because Saint Walker's ring grants him so much more powers without the presence of a Green Lantern. He can turn invisible, create mirages, can control the temperature of things, electromagnetically scan through objects for covert uses, create wormholes/warps to shorten traveling, create pocket dimensions to store equipment and detain enemies, along with object animating, flight, protective constructs, and energy projection. Even with all those abilities, Saint Walker isn't much for violence unless it's absolutely necessary. These abilities could be greatly useful for finding valuable equipment, traveling long distances in short periods of time, and protecting the team from harm in hostile situations. And being so persuasive and hopeful, there's a pretty big chance he could turn any dangerous situation into a peaceful chat in the ruins.


Garnet, Batman, and Saint Walker would be the perfect post-apocalyptic team for anyone. While they may seem like a sentient space rock, a rich kid with parent issues, and a powerful intergalactic preacher (and they are), they are not only a great team for survival, but as characters who deal with families (Garnet and Batman) and hopeful situations (Saint Walker), they would also make a great family after the world has fallen to its knees.

Hope you enjoyed this article. Until next time, stay nerdy!


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