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At last year's Comic-Con, we witnessed an amazing panel for the upcoming Goosebumps. Accompanied by a group of fantastical monsters, actor Jack Black and director Rob Letterman introduced the new film inspired by R. L. Stein's beloved children's series.

Although an official trailer has not been released, an official poster can be seen above. I just want to say that it looks so dope! This has our childhood written all over it. Everyone loves some good-old nostalgia!

I saw an interview once with R. L. Stein where he says he wrote the Goosebumps stories as purely fantasies. He never wanted children to be terrified. The Goosebumps series doesn't touch upon serious subjects such as divorce, child abuse, drugs or any "real-world issues". Instead, Stein wanted to make create a clear divide between reality and fantasy. Only then would he aim to "creep [kids] out a little bit". I definitely remembering being creeped out by his stories.

In particular, this image from Stay Out of the Basement (1992) always stuck with me. The green hand was the first thing that popped into my head when I heard of the new Goosebumps film!

We know of few things about the film already. The story will follow a teenage boy named Zach who unintentionally releases author R. L. Stein's monsters and ghouls into real life.I already know that Jack Black, who plays the R.L.Stein, will be hilarious. It's a good thing to because apparently R.L.Stein is quite the funny man himself.

Goosebumps is set to release October 16, 2015. Let me know if you guys are excited to see this take on the Goosebumps books!


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